Monday, March 21, 2011

What We've Been Up To--

To begin with, a new camera! My hubby gave it to me for an early anniversary gift--I've been NOT blogging because we've been busy going and doing and TAKING PICTURES. :)
 It takes time to learn a new camera, and this one has way more bells and whistles than the last one. I am convinced it cannot take a BAD picture.  For instance, isn't THIS ONE  grand?
 I also got a new vacuum cleaner(not for my anniversary!!!!! We have a "no plug-in" rule for anniversary gifts.). A Dyson canister--I thought he bought it for HIM. :) Got to love a man who will vacuum, especially the chandelier. Hey, is he saying my house is DUSTY????

Random pictures from around the house. . .
 A sweet picture of the dollhouse.

 A few of my chickens in the kitchen. I had to DUST this shelf before taking this picture! lol.

This weekend we went to a birthday party, and the craft was tissue-paper flowers.
 J made a daffodil. Pretty clever!

 The (very pretty)Redhead with her creations.
 The cute little guy who kept the crumbs cleaned up during the party.

The fabric my bestie used to make a SUPER-sweet outfit for her little one this past week.
 (She got to use the new sewing cabinet at my house!!!!!)
Don't those colors and patterns just make you HAPPY?

 We attended a birthday party LAST weekend too--it was at the park.
Such a beautiful, beautiful day.

 Then we went through a car wash. 

Here is my car-cactus, compliments of C.

Love in a cup--half full, definitely!

A few vintage sewing things in an old Mason jar--these things all came from my grandmother's sewing basket.

And finally, the "American Girl Club" had special cupcakes for St. Patrick's Day.  

This is by no means an all-encompassing list, but it will let you know some of why I've been a bad blogger lately! This week we are CLEANING. Don't look for many pictures of that!(Not that you'd want to see!)
I hope to be back at the keyboard, inspired in a freshly clean environment, SOON!

Happy Spring to you!



Allison said...

Good job on the pix. Now come here and get your girls party pictures and you can BLOG. Glad we've been a part of "what you've been up to"

Sherry@Back2Vintage said...

New camera....Lucky you!!! Love the picture of the redbud tree!!!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Let's see...
Cute dog/kid check
Chocolate check
A husband who vacuums an adorable light fixture check

Yep, it's a perfect blog post. :)

Liz said...

Hi April! In answer to your question... No it wasn't yummy! It reminded me of grass. bla, yucky....
It was a pretty shade of green though. :(

Looks like you are really enjoying your new camera. And taking some pretty good pics to boot! :)


Far Above Rubies said...

April, the pictures are lovely. Strangly enough - my favorite was the one of the carwash.

Great job!!

God bless,


ottszoo said...

great pics! love the one of your hubby vacuuming! coffee=yuk! the carwash shot is so cool

Gabrielle said...

Love the pictures! Damian and Barry are so similar--he's all about vacuuming. What a blessing! Have fun with your Dyson!