Friday, April 29, 2011

Chicken Update. . . .

In the previous post I showed you some pictures of our three little biddies(and my best friend's six!) from Sunday, but you have not seen our two new additions--Cookie and Sunny--which joined the family on Monday.
Cookie(center, spotted brown)and Sunny(top right, light yellow) are our two newest additions. The little red one is Chloe, and the black ones are Bianca(on the left) and Tweetie. :)

Cookie and Sunny are such silly, personable, FUNNY little birds. Cookie is adventurous, while Sunny is more of the homebody-snuggler type. :)
Cookie trying out her wings yesterday. She is the FIRST one out of the box every time we open it!

B got the coop project started yesterday evening. Not a minute too soon, either, as they are already jumping out of the box at any given opportunity, eager to try out their fast-growing little wing feathers!
The base for the coop--we will hopefully finish it this weekend!

Our sweet little neighbor and her big sister came over to visit the chicks yesterday. She was so cute, not quite sure what to make of all their energetic jumping and cheeping and running around.

We are having SO MUCH FUN with these babies!!!!

They are growing up WAYYYY too quickly, as babies WILL do!

Even little Bianca is getting some healthy "big girl" feathers in now!

Have a happy weekend!


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A chick, chick here and a chick, chick there. . .

Here are our first four chickens--bought in Mississippi over the weekend!(Zoe, Chloe, Bianca, and Charlotte)

Later Sunday afternoon our friends came over with THEIR chickens from New Orleans.
It was possibly a CHICKENPALOOZA!

A nine-chicken drinking fountain. . .

They DEFINE "perpetual motion"!

Is there anything cuter than a baby chick drinking?

Unless it's a baby chick sleeping. . . .

Spoiled ROTTEN. And lovin' it. :)


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Monday, April 18, 2011

This Little Light of Mine

It was a nice weekend, even though a "short" one. My hubby has every other Friday off, and this was not his long weekend, but we both agreed that time seemed to slow down a bit, although we were busy. Just another small grace dispensed from the Lord--times of refreshing DO come from Him!

I actually had time to do a few small projects this weekend, as well as begin planning an Easter party for next Sunday AND get my menu planned for the week!  I moved the cookbooks from the kitchen to the front room and stowed some dishes on their former shelf(storage is at a premium in my kitchen!).

I also moved a bench and a table. . .you know that making a small change creates a domino effect. . .I won't show you pictures of all of the changes because they're not PRETTY, but I will share the small table I moved from our guest bathroom into the great room passageway. This table had been holding a basket of cleaning supplies underneath and an enamelware bowl with hand towels plus a table mirror on its top. The shelf I replaced it with has SO MUCH MORE storage for that room--which is great when preteen girls are using that bathroom! :)

So, the table. My sweet mom had given me a CUTE tiny lamp for my birthday. It stands about ten inches tall, with a brushed nickel base and a bright white shade.( I forgot to take a "before" picture.)
I love the finish on the lamp, but bright white lampshades generally are not my style. As I waited for the Papa Murphy's to cook after church last night, I thought about what I could do--FREE--to alter the lampshade. Paint? Limits the light too much. Coffee or tea stain? Messy and not fast enough. Sharpie marker? Not too crazy about hand embellishing ANYTHING!  Hmmmmmm. FABRIC? Got it.

I measured and cut and took a big needle with a full six-strand of embroidery floss and gathered the top of the fabric strip(sorry, no pictures of the process; that's how FAST this was!). I cut near the already perfectly-frayed edges so they would show, rather than trying to hide frays, work with them! I tied it on, added three more strands of floss just tied around for a little more shape, and THERE!

Then I accessorized the little table. It is kind of rustic, so I pulled in a chipped pottery bowl that is MADE to go with this old runner on top.I love the blue....and the birds(they're blue!)

The lamp needed more height so I grabbed a small shadowbox that my dad made me when I was eight or nine--its rustic feel FITS with the table and the bowl.

Topped with the shiny little lamp base and the rustic shade cover, I think it works well.

Of course, we have to add stuff--er--accessorize. . .

A sweet little figurine holding a flower basket. A Wade bunny. A pottery basket of eggs from a childhood Easter gift. Sweet cuddly bunnies in varying sizes, colors, and textures, and a tiny "treasure box" from my own doll-play days.

On the wall next to my favorite wedding gift of all--this clock, I added a watercolor done by a dear old man we had the privilege of knowing. Henry Swann was a wonderful artist. This picture is Shakespeare's cottage. I may go back later and add my exhaustive works of Shakespeare textbook under the shadowbox or in place of it, as a tip of the hat to the print on the wall.

An angle shot.

It's a happy little scene!

Thanks for stopping by. What did YOU do this weekend?


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Monday, April 11, 2011

A few of my favorite things. . .

This past Saturday would have been my Grandmother "Mawmaw" Henrie's 96th birthday. It seems after 24 years of missing her, I still miss her more each year and especially in the I  thought  I'd share a few pictures of the things I have that were hers--see if you can tell how much influence she had on me! :)

I sat and watched her embroider for many hours.

She taught me more about this craft than she probably realized, as I am a visual learner! 

A sweet little hobnail milk glass vase--you know I collect milk glass!

This teacup hung in the very top of her kitchen cabinet on a nail--I never saw anyone use it, probably because of the crack in the inside glaze. This probably started my love of all things blue and white...the bottom says Made in Japan.

I also have one of her bibles, a pocket handkerchief that I carried in my wedding, and a brooch with lovely green "stones"--I remember it being in her jewelry box when I would peek in there as a little girl.
I had many long afternoons of time for snooping as a kid. ;)

And finally, the best--my sweet Mom. She is my FAVORITE that reminds me of Mawmaw.

May your day be filled with happy memories of those you love, and happy moments making more memories!


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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Beautimus Bunnies

Whew! We've been BUSY here the last couple of weeks--I've been able to keep up with a little of my blog visiting, but NONE of the blogging I've wanted to DO. I guess that's what I get for turning a year older and celebrating 15 years of marriage in ten days' time. We officially call the start of March through April/Easter "Celebration Season" since there are so many "significant" dates during that time period. Blessings, all!
I do believe that the humiliatingly-silly candles-blowing-out picture IS mandatory in a birthday post!

I HAVE been busy--I pulled out a few of my multitudinous rabbits and bought a bag of really super-neato green "fluff" from HL this past week. I thought I'd show you my mantel decor, which is all I've done for Easter so far.

I love these sweet little bunnies with the flowers painted on their haunches. These  Iris candleholders were a purchase I made when we were newlyweds. They only emerge in springtime! 

This happy little guy looks like he's in a hurry to be somewhere--I love the fine detail on the flower garland he is wearing!

Another pretty flowers-behind-him bunny. :)

The crackled glaze makes them LOOK old...and wise.

Pink glass definitely makes my "favorite things" list!

I purchased these two "chocolate" bunnies for myself this year. I needed two that were taller to anchor the ends of the mantel. Being a nearly -inadvertent collector of everything in "mini," sometimes I have to MAKE myself buy a larger item.
The two bigger bunnies remind me of my two big girls--one an artist, one a gardener. :)

My view from the kitchen Sunday night. It was a really sweet, beautiful day with my parents here to celebrate my birthday.(That's why there is such a hodgepodge of chairs at the table!)
And yes, those purple, yellow, and white flowers came from OUR yard!!!!!!!
C just cut them from the yard and plunked them in a vase. (:
What have YOU been doing to get ready for Easter?


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