Friday, April 29, 2011

Chicken Update. . . .

In the previous post I showed you some pictures of our three little biddies(and my best friend's six!) from Sunday, but you have not seen our two new additions--Cookie and Sunny--which joined the family on Monday.
Cookie(center, spotted brown)and Sunny(top right, light yellow) are our two newest additions. The little red one is Chloe, and the black ones are Bianca(on the left) and Tweetie. :)

Cookie and Sunny are such silly, personable, FUNNY little birds. Cookie is adventurous, while Sunny is more of the homebody-snuggler type. :)
Cookie trying out her wings yesterday. She is the FIRST one out of the box every time we open it!

B got the coop project started yesterday evening. Not a minute too soon, either, as they are already jumping out of the box at any given opportunity, eager to try out their fast-growing little wing feathers!
The base for the coop--we will hopefully finish it this weekend!

Our sweet little neighbor and her big sister came over to visit the chicks yesterday. She was so cute, not quite sure what to make of all their energetic jumping and cheeping and running around.

We are having SO MUCH FUN with these babies!!!!

They are growing up WAYYYY too quickly, as babies WILL do!

Even little Bianca is getting some healthy "big girl" feathers in now!

Have a happy weekend!



Kathy said...

This is so sweet. Love the expression on the little one!

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Awww, they are sooo cute! Looks like everyone is enjoying the additions to the family, and that expression on that little gir's face is priceless. laurie

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Your chicks are adorable! They do grow fast! Look at them drinking! I love how the hold their heads up to drink. Good luck making your coop!