Monday, May 30, 2011

Things that Make Me Smile Today

Chicken water in a blue glass jar. . . 

Peaceful, happy, FLUFFING chickens.

Some days it's the little things.

My mom and dad spent the day with us. We had a good visit and plenty of food-- though time with them is always overshadowed by the fact that my brother, his wife, and my nephew are NOT HERE with us.

So on Memorial Day we talk of friends and family who have served our country. We wish my brother's service in the Army didn't make him so inaccessible for years at a time.  We make travel plans for Mom and Dad to go see said brother and family. . .

We work on the chicken coop(it now has doors on top that OPEN and CLOSE!). We watch the kids swim.

And we are thankful for the freedom to be home with our own little brood.


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