Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer Flowers Mantel Redo

Yesterday I spent the day with the vacuum and an audiobook, alternately telling the kids to "do this" or scaring them out of the room(they're as bad as cats about the vacuum!).
It was nice to evict quite a few spiders, frighten the dustbunnies  into submission, and generally spend some creative energy "fluffing" the main area for summertime living. I re-accessorized the mantel for the time being, and thought I could share that part of the project yesterday with you.

 I took down the LARGE distressed-frame mirror that has hung here since we moved in five years ago and replaced it with an old hanging I framed when we were extremely poor newlyweds. It's a poster my hubby had before we were married. I matted it on gingham fabric and we built/I painted the frame for it. I think the whole thing cost us around $15 to do at the time. It still makes me smile.
 Old books, cast iron, and milk glass...a few of my favorite things.
You've seen this teapot before!
I moved the table that had held my large dollhouse in front of the fireplace, since I wanted to hide the opening and I don't have a screen for it at this point. The small paper lanterns will be relocated to my daughter's room once she gets her American Girl doll area finished. :) They're just here for safekeeping.
Add a pretty tray and teacup, and the fireplace is complete.
One more view at night with the spotlight on.
I also dusted, rearranged, and fluffed my craft area yesterday. The vintage white cotton chenille bedspread I tucked onto the velvet love seat, paired with the fan in the corner(this area has NO air movement at all, and it gets hot!) speaks "Summertime and the livin's easy!" It just begs you to stop and put your feet up and cool off for a minute--or a few.

Here in the hot and humid, never-ending-summertime-South, I need that!

Today I hope to attack the sunroom and finish off the kitchen counters. I could not BELIEVE the grime I found yesterday in there--I even cleaned the top of the fridge!

Happy Tuesday to everyone--
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Monday, June 20, 2011

Last one, HONEST!

Linking this post today to Liz's Fresh Cut Friday over at her sweet little blog, Rose Vignettes. Hope you all have a HAPPY 4th of July!!!
Okay. I promise NOT to post about sunflowers ANY MORE till next year. But y'all, they're eight feet tall. They are not the squash and cucumbers we expected our daughter was planting, but what FUN!
Aren't they beautiful? I'm tempted to name them after the seven dwarfs. Lol. Only they ARE NOT dwarfs!

Have a happy week--only three words needed to say it all around here this week:



Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday Whimsy

There was a little activity going on in my kitchen yesterday while I was busy baking a cake, taking pictures and working on a blog post....

I think it all started when THIS little guy arrived on Saturday, after a long journey from my friend Lynn in N. Carolina.
I put him here. Atop the plate rack, next to the perfectly pink dish that looked lonely.

How he got HERE, I am not so sure. . . bun-buns DO have ways of getting places, you know.

Maybe he wanted to play with Tinkerbell in her magnolia-leaf boat?

Then he was here. Sniffing the big sunflower?

He turned around quickly when I caught him in action.... looks like he was caught being a wascally wabbit, doesn't he?

But I know he's a sweet, sensitive soul.
Probably just enjoying the sunny window sill and wooking outside-- hoping to find some cawwots, perhaps.

Happy Wednesday!


You can check out Lynn's other wonderful, whimsical creations at her etsy shop, A Bit of Birdsong.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Scenes of Summer

What I not-too-affectionately term the "stupor of summer" has officially hit here in S. Louisiana. It is HOT. The thermometer itself never drops below 72 degrees--and that's at night--and then the humidity makes it feel even hotter. One day last week my van's thermometer read 117!  Just too dreadfully warm to handle. That said, we've slowed down the pace of life it seems. The days are lonnnnnnng and seem to drag past.
Here are a few pics I've taken lately, in all that "spare time". Lol.
My kitchen window in the morning light.

Summer's bounty, from my Dad's garden in Mississippi.

Purple hull peas and beautiful fresh corn. YUMMY!

Our first sunflower this season, paired with an old blue jar. Timeless summer beauty.

Lately we have just been staying inside as much as possible, except for early morning and late evening!  Thankfully we did get some much-needed rain last week. It appears the afternoon showers weather pattern has also arrived. That does help with the heat!

Kids have been swimming rather often.

I have been enjoying the light the water reflects into the kitchen in the mornings.

Here's the pool gate my hubby built--cutest gate ever, as far as I'm concerned(cutest pool guy ever, too!)!

Celebrating Flag Day today. My kids just LOVE to wake up on June 14! :)
You're a grand old flag. . . .and forever in peace may you wave!

Baking lemon pound cake. Smells heavenly. Inspired by the "Lemon Cupcake" scented candle my sis-in-law sent me last week.(Thank you, Katy, even if it DOES make me hungry!)

Surprised by our first water lily bloom of the year--pale, pale pink...

Had a fun day shopping with my bestie yesterday--found this sweet OLD paper towel holder--JUST LIKE my Mawmaw's kitchen!!!!!!! I was kind of excited. :)(It's marked Yugoslavia on the back, how funny!)

Glad to have a new haircut. Karla is back to work at Salon Dolce, and her little guy is coming home from St. Jude soon. We are rejoicing with them!

My two middle girls are coming home from their weekend in Mississippi today. We have missed the giggly hugs and helpfulness. It's been quite quiet!

Soooo many blessings to count. . .

What's a summer day look like for you?


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Friday, June 3, 2011

A Little Lustre. . .

I had completely forgotten about Liz's party Fresh Cut Friday until my sweet hubby arrived home yesterday with a bunch of beautiful roses! It was an instant reminder that I had intended to put a post together--so I had a great time fiddling with flowers yesterday evening. Thanks to Liz for an excuse to "play" for a few minutes!

I decided to put the flowers in an old Japanese(?) teapot I spotted in my china cabinet. Since it has roses it seemed like a perfect fit.

My C decided we needed "blue" roses from our yard to mix in with the store-bought ones, but there weren't many that haven't been baked by the drought we've been experiencing the past couple of months. It has NEVER--as far as I know--been this dry in S. Louisiana in the months of April and May. Yesterday my car thermometer measured 117 degrees while we were out running errands!
I love the tiny red thorns on the stem of this white rose from my yard.
Back to my flowers. . . .I had fun with a few little accessories.

Tiny Eiffel tower--the closest I'll ever get to the real thing!

A stack of OLD books, some sweet tiny swan vases. . .

My hubby had a three-day work week this week and we have a mile-long list of projects going lately, but I am SO looking forward to the weekend!

I hope yours is happy!