Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Scenes of Summer

What I not-too-affectionately term the "stupor of summer" has officially hit here in S. Louisiana. It is HOT. The thermometer itself never drops below 72 degrees--and that's at night--and then the humidity makes it feel even hotter. One day last week my van's thermometer read 117!  Just too dreadfully warm to handle. That said, we've slowed down the pace of life it seems. The days are lonnnnnnng and seem to drag past.
Here are a few pics I've taken lately, in all that "spare time". Lol.
My kitchen window in the morning light.

Summer's bounty, from my Dad's garden in Mississippi.

Purple hull peas and beautiful fresh corn. YUMMY!

Our first sunflower this season, paired with an old blue jar. Timeless summer beauty.

Lately we have just been staying inside as much as possible, except for early morning and late evening!  Thankfully we did get some much-needed rain last week. It appears the afternoon showers weather pattern has also arrived. That does help with the heat!

Kids have been swimming rather often.

I have been enjoying the light the water reflects into the kitchen in the mornings.

Here's the pool gate my hubby built--cutest gate ever, as far as I'm concerned(cutest pool guy ever, too!)!

Celebrating Flag Day today. My kids just LOVE to wake up on June 14! :)
You're a grand old flag. . . .and forever in peace may you wave!

Baking lemon pound cake. Smells heavenly. Inspired by the "Lemon Cupcake" scented candle my sis-in-law sent me last week.(Thank you, Katy, even if it DOES make me hungry!)

Surprised by our first water lily bloom of the year--pale, pale pink...

Had a fun day shopping with my bestie yesterday--found this sweet OLD paper towel holder--JUST LIKE my Mawmaw's kitchen!!!!!!! I was kind of excited. :)(It's marked Yugoslavia on the back, how funny!)

Glad to have a new haircut. Karla is back to work at Salon Dolce, and her little guy is coming home from St. Jude soon. We are rejoicing with them!

My two middle girls are coming home from their weekend in Mississippi today. We have missed the giggly hugs and helpfulness. It's been quite quiet!

Soooo many blessings to count. . .

What's a summer day look like for you?


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Sherry@Back2Vintage said...

Sounds exactly like our weather here in South Mississippi...hot and humid...showers in the afternoon (sometimes). Good time to stay inside and prepare purple hull peas, corn on the cob, mexican cornbread amd iced tea for supper! Have a wonderful week!

Lynn said...

Oh my goodness, lovely, lovely, lovely! I love your recent pictures. So pretty, and I love the little vignettes you set up around your house! That picture of you is so pretty.

Who wants to work now that I have seen your pretty blog? I am ready to clock out and decorate or do something creative. LOL.

Glad the bun-bun arrived safe and sound. I will check my e-mail soon! Gotta type some more. Blech. :)


Whatever you do, do all to the glory of God! said...

Beautiful pictures April!
I am glad your husband has one of "those" hats too. Craig threatens to wear his when we are in public just to watch me squirm ;)

Judy said...

I more peaceful after reading your lazy day comments. Oh for some fresh corn on the cob, purple hull peas and some added tomatoes for Ramsey. the paper towel holder is loaded with memories. Our weather here in South Carolina is much the same except no real afternoon showers and perhaps a bit more of a breeze in the early evening. We did get some very welcome rain during the night. All the vegetation seems cleaner and greener. Hug somebody for me and let them hug somebody etc.

Allison said...

You are the BEST BESTIE EVER!!!

When are you coming to do MY house?? All things grow beautifully with your touch dear April. What a treasure you are

Thank for sharing your life and beauty with me and my family

Janet said...

Wow! I didn't realize it got that hot in the south. I live in the desert in CA and never does it reach 117! (it's a high desert).
Love all your sweet vignettes! Very summery! Thanks for visiting and I'm following back!

Lynn at Cottage and Creek said...

I love your paper towel holder! So cute. I enjoyed reading your recent posts. Your blog is wonderful. Thanks for visiting me at Cottage and Creek. I am delighted to follow you back.