Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday Whimsy

There was a little activity going on in my kitchen yesterday while I was busy baking a cake, taking pictures and working on a blog post....

I think it all started when THIS little guy arrived on Saturday, after a long journey from my friend Lynn in N. Carolina.
I put him here. Atop the plate rack, next to the perfectly pink dish that looked lonely.

How he got HERE, I am not so sure. . . bun-buns DO have ways of getting places, you know.

Maybe he wanted to play with Tinkerbell in her magnolia-leaf boat?

Then he was here. Sniffing the big sunflower?

He turned around quickly when I caught him in action.... looks like he was caught being a wascally wabbit, doesn't he?

But I know he's a sweet, sensitive soul.
Probably just enjoying the sunny window sill and wooking outside-- hoping to find some cawwots, perhaps.

Happy Wednesday!


You can check out Lynn's other wonderful, whimsical creations at her etsy shop, A Bit of Birdsong.


laurie @ bargain hunting said...

It looks to me like he's enjoying seeing all of your charming decor. He's a cutie, and your post was fun. laurie

Michelle said...

So cute!!! Loved all you summer pics in the last post as well. I have such a love-hate relationship with summer. We're considering a pool, so I can talk my oldest into actually going outside, but with all of our trees I'm afraid I'm asking for trouble.

Lynn said...

April, how sweet of you to let bun-bun have a pwace on your bwog! I am just thrilled. What a smile I have right now! I will smile the rest of my shift tonight!

I am glad you like him. One of these days I will do nothing but work in my bun-bun factowy.


Amanda said...

....and I've been dreaming about where a bunny would go if I had one myself. How fun to see these bunnies travel throughout Lynn's cottage, then off to yours! What a delight!