Saturday, July 16, 2011

--of Birdie Bliss part 1

We have this bird.
Actually, we have a dozen birds.

Ten budgies.
Bowie, the rotten budgie. He's so CUTE(and will tell you so)!

A cutie(whose-type I cannot spell) named Lola.
Lola's wings make the most beautiful whistling sound when she flies.

And then there's Noname, or Doodle. You will have read about her daring escape and rescue here.
Contemplating jumping on the shoulder of her chosen victim!

She has adjusted well to being home again, and is more rotten than ever. She has us trained well, and her favorite thing EVER(other than cheese, which she should NEVER have). . . is the "scratch-scratch."

Can you SEE her smiling in the picture on the left?

Once the chosen victim gets started scratching her head(and I understand that the head-scratch mania is common to most cockatiels), she will not give up or allow that individual to stop, short of poking her back into the cage(or offering cheese). She will even take on the pathetic posture you see here--and has been known to stay that way for a couple of minutes at a time, waiting for the scratch-scratch to resume. If it does NOT resume quickly enough, she makes a CHIRP noise to remind The Scratcher(and I do believe it is an official title in her little birdie brain) of his or her duty.
Waiting ever so patiently...can that BE comfortable?

Of course, we think she's wonderful.

Some folk are dog people, and we do have a dog.
Don't be fooled by those big brown eyes. She's plotting some sinister chewing-of-forbidden-things!

Some folk are cat people, and you've met our princess Anne, introduced by her Redhead here.

We also have fish. LOTS of fish. And a turtle. And we have had lizards, caterpillars, ladybugs.
Toodles sports a celery leaf cape.

But I'm afraid when it all comes 'round, we are BIRD PEOPLE.
The truth is out. :)

Happy Saturday!



Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha! to true mom. I was scratching doodles head while I was reading...

- jess

no spring chicken said...

My daughter has a spoiled rotten budgie named Bailey who definitely thinks she is human and gets quite irritated when not right in the thick of things!

Blessings, Debbie

Liz said...

What if your birds are cat people? LOL! :)

We have 3 kitties and one very unfriendly bird. He is 26 years old. Poor thing...we love him any way. There's a story there... :)

Your birds look so sweet...No wonder you love them.:)