Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I'm still here!

Can it really be almost three weeks since my last post? You know how it is, you get so busy LIVING (and taking pictures of life)that the thought of BLOGGING all that stuff just becomes overwhelming, right?
Last week was my Redhead's birthday. Eleven. Where DO the years go?

We spent the week schooling and cleaning like mad folk due to her party that was coming on Saturday(more on THAT later!).
The party supplies and sundries spread out on my bed Friday afternoon. :)
I am always amazed when we're "mad cleaning" just how messy a family we ARE . . . the act of putting things AWAY seems to be completely unlearned around here. I spent hours Thursday and Friday just picking stuff up and moving it six inches-to-two feet-to-its-PLACE. . . tell me I'm not the only one who has to do this?

Back in the news, our school room continues to develop nicely. I moved one large clutter pile and a table, combining all the unsorted STUFF to a largish messy stack or three in one corner. I suppose that's an improvement. :) It will be really nice once I get everything totally situated--which won't happen until everything I've ordered comes IN, of course. Alas, my "pretty" shelf or two will be commandeered for book purposes despite my best efforts.

Here's the one last "pretty" shelf. . .

I'm referring to the one in the center--above the sweet little "Birds" book--my nature shelf(below)and the milk glass collection (on top) is staying for NOW. :)
Here's an up-close:

This little hobnail vanity jar is one of the last things I purchased on a trip to my favorite shop about three months ago(can it really be that long since I've been?MUST remedy that SOON!). It hopped into my hand and said "I'm going home with you!" before I had even an inclination for arguing with it! Adorable, yes?

I just loved the little glass applicator and the notched lid--and not a chip on it anywhere!

Please ignore my dust, as this was BEFORE the week of the party, when some things actually DID get dusted.

I am now wondering if having to relocate the pretties from my shelf will be enough to make me paint the old vanity that's been needing it for ten years now(can it be that long?). . .
One thing's for sure, time will march on whether I paint or not.

School has been going well; I'm glad to report. THAT is why it's been almost three weeks.

More about that later.

Have a happy week--blessings to you!

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Michelle said...

We had company over last week, so we had to do a full cleaning, too. I found pencils in the strangest places in the playroom.

Glad you're off to a good start this school year, and I hope it was a wonderful birthday!

Betsy (BB) said...

I am happy school is going well! I love your milk glass! You have quite a collection! I know you are loving it!

no spring chicken said...

Good for you April, on many fronts...

First~ You have been absent because you are concentrating on school.

Second~ You made my day by letting me know that I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE THAT HAS TO MOVE THINGS 6 INCHES TO IT'S PLACE.

Third~ You didn't pass up that superior little hob nailed jar with glass applicator!

You rock!~

Blessings, Debbie

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

NO WAY! THE HOLLY HOBBIE lunch box!!!!
I had one in second and third grade. I was teased horribly by an older girl. Ok, more like bullied. One day while walking home she started throwing pebbles at me. As she got closer and I got more scared I guess I just forgot about turning the other cheek and swung around and whacked her upside the head with my H.H. lunch box.
She was shocked but not hurt.
She quit bullying me.
My mom never asked where the small dent came from but the box was replaced the next year with Ziggy.
Miss you Holly. :)

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

April, Your children have to just love learning from you. Anybody who loves teaching and life as much as you do is sure to be a wonderful teacher.
I can't believe the glass applicator was still with your hobnail jar. of course you couldn't pass that up. laurie