Saturday, August 6, 2011

Over in the Dollhouse

A couple of evenings ago I peeked in at the dollhouse to see what was going on. It's been quite awhile since I've visited there! I was glad to see the dolls getting settled into their new house. Would you like to visit with me?
Peeking in the upstairs window at  Lili, the youngest sister's, room.

                     We find her reading Mother Goose on her bed. Apparently she's had her trains and dollhouses out too.

Look at all the TOYS! She must love her teddy bears and bunnies, and it looks like she enjoys her tiny tea parties too.  Do you see the butterfly collection on her school desk? Her older sisters take turns helping her with lessons.

 Around the corner from Lili's room, 
 A peek at the corner shelf in the bathroom. It's a room still under construction.
The two bedrooms connect through the bath, so here's a peek into the other bedroom:
Oldest sister Hazel is still working on furnishing and decorating her room, but she's got her dressing table all set up.

There's a lovely lively bird and a fountain in the hallway  by the stairs.

 Downstairs in the kitchen, middle sister Janie and Hazel are preparing tea. 
 Hazel has been washing dishes while Janie arranges the tea tray.

 Oh! I think I heard the doorbell! I wonder who it could be!  Around through the kitchen, passing the china cabinet that holds the "company" tea service. . .

To the entryway where we see an umbrella stand and  lovely statuary by the front door. . .

We have a VISITOR!

Just-in-time for tea! I bet she hopes for cheese and sunflower seed scones! :)

Noname, this is NOT a "bird house!" 

I hope you get to have time for some fun SOON!



The Tablescaper said...

Such detail. So neat.

- The Tablescaper

Gabrielle said...


I want to know more about this dollhouse! We're in the market for one. I'm thinking 3 is the perfect age for it!

Shelia said...

Hi April! Oh, this little doll house is adorable! Look at all of the details. The little dolls are so cute! :)
thanks for popping in to see me.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Michelle said...

Oh, I love it! So beautiful. I really, really miss the dollhouse my grandmother gave to me. We lost it in a flood long before my oldest was old enough to play with it.

no spring chicken said...

I LOVE it! I'm finding myself inspired. Oh, I'm sure the girls would enjoy fussing up the dollhouse too!

I laughed out loud when Hazel answered the doorbell...

Blessings, Debbie

Lynn said...

Oh my!! Pretty, pretty, pretty! Makes my heart sing!! You know how I love miniatures and doll houses. I hope you have a wonderful day today!!