Sunday, August 28, 2011

School is working. . . and I'm ready for a break!

We have been "back to school" for six weeks now. My oldest took a summer course with Veritas Press Scholars Academy online, and so for three hours, four days a week, our focus has been school.

That said, I am ready for a break.

We will school through next week and then be off till the Monday after Labor Day. . . except for Oldest Child who will begin her next online course on Sept. 7. Omnibus I Primary--ancient history.
Omnibus 1 Text with Teacher CD-Rom
She gets Theology, Literature, and History credits for this course. The summer part of it she has taken has been WONDERFUL. I hope that sense of challenge and joy continues. :)

We all have been working hard, and I have found a sweet little place with the curricula we have used so far. There ARE some changes coming up when we start back, most notably Notgrass' America the Beautiful. I am SO EXCITED about it!
America the Beautiful Curriculum Package   -     
        By: Charlene Notgrass
Other things we've been using:

Story of the World Vol. 4, along with the student activity book.
Story of the World, Vol. 4: The Modern Age, Softcover

I had hoped to get all the way through this one before starting AtB, but it was just too much to move through at that pace. The girls HAVE gotten a lot of history out of it, though. I am putting it aside as a "resource" that we will use to supplement our understanding of world events as we study America.

Answers in Genesis' God's Design for Life: World of Animals
God's Design for Life: The World of Animals
We are moving through this book quickly. I think I wish it was a little more text-heavy in the content, but we've not been taking time to get a lot of the projects done at this point. We are going to the beach during our two week break, and I wanted to do the sections on marine animals BEFORE we go. Lol. That way, vacation becomes something of a field trip! :) I love homeschooling!

I have been pleased with the colorful pages and the Creationist viewpoint of this program, and will likely order the other books to use this year once we finish this section. The girls and Boy have learned a lot already!

C will be doing Apologia Biology this year. I promised NOT to do dissection labs with her, hoping that the microscope labs will be enough. She likes to observe living animals, not study dead ones. At least that's her take on it. For now, I'm okay with that!
Apologia Exploring Creation with Biology, 2 Volumes, 2nd Edition
We have been using Learning about God from A to Z for Bible for the middle girls. It teaches 26 attributes of God in alphabetical order. Keeping them occupied and learning is accomplished by including lots of skits, word games, and color-coding of verses.

Bible for the boy has become Day by Day Devotions for Kids by Karen Henley, paired with the Day by Day Kid's Bible and Reading aloud from a Bible storybook that I had when I was a kid.
Day By Day Kids Bible  -     
        By: Karyn Henley
more information about Day by Day Devotions 7-minute character growing devotions for kids
They will all be beginning Latin when we start up again. I purchased Song School Latin for the younger three--to avoid buying three different levels, since they've had NONE so far. Oldest will be doing
Latin Alive! Level One. I hope it is a good thing. She's going to have quite the load this school year.
Latin Alive! Book One Bundle
We have the three youngers working through various levels of First Language Lessons and Writing With Ease. I will also continue using Institute for Excellence in Writing with the younger girls.
First Language Lessons for the Well-Trained Mind, Level 3--Student Workbook                 Writing with Ease: Strong Fundamentals
                                                 The Student Writing Intensive Level B Student Materials
The two middle girls are still working through their Wordly Wise books and their current Teaching Textbooks levels. I need to order the Algebra program for C very SOON. I hope she will like Algebra as much as I did! The Boy is doing Math Mammoth.

The middle girls are doing choir again this year. We will also be participating in Speech with our local Speech and Debate Club. Both of those meet once a week.

Whew! That's a LOT! It doesn't, of course, all get done everyday. The juggling act has yet to be figured out. Schedules are the hardest part for me.

That's the plan. . .for now.

THAT is what's been taking up my time!


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Looks like an exciting and rich school year!

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