Thursday, September 29, 2011

Appetite Suppressant

Ok, so for years and years I have been in the habit of mindlessly opening the fridge and staring at the contents. SOMETIMES this results in mindless eating, though over time I have come to realize when I'm doing this and stopped...remembering funny names my grandmother called me, or my dad's talking about poor suffering penguins, or my brother just standing in the door of the refrigerator(he still does this, as far as I know!), or a child coming up to me to ask what I'm doing(which nearly always removes instantly ANY idea of getting a quick snack, as prepping "quick" snacks for FIVE is not the same as just mindlessly eating for ONE). :)

However, just in case I should be tempted, I need no longer fear. A local dairy company has stepped in to HELP.

They changed the color of the milk containers.

What do YOU think?
I put it against the WHITE paper towel roll so you can see the difference. Add the blue label to the sickly yellowish color, and it becomes unbearable.

Here's a more true-to-color of that yellow.

Now, does that color MAKE YOU WANT TO DRINK MILK? or NOT?

Or am I weird?

I hope they change it back SOON. White was a much, much better option.


Two New Eggs

We aren't sure WHO laid the green egg, or the "pink" one, but definitely more than one chicken is laying! We are QUITE EGG-CITED!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Chicken Daydreams...

I looked out the front windows at our little chicken coop last Saturday and was instantly intrigued.

It WAS a hot, very hot, day, and I was surprised to see that all five hens had decided to spend some time INDOORS rather than out pecking around in their run. However, this was not the reason for my sudden interest.
This was.

Do you see it?

Do you see the tiny little chicken head peeking out the window?
First off, I was surprised that they've gotten big enough to see out the window when they're on their roost. Secondly, it was so funny  to see a CHICKEN looking out a WINDOW.

And she appeared thoughtful. Almost wistful. I know we do project our human emotions onto our animals, but could, maybe, a chicken--daydream?

I mean, they DO look--what could only be called--HAPPY, at times.
What do YOU think?

Happy Saturday!


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Goodwill Trip--after about FOUR MONTHS!

No, not as in "things I purchased at Goodwill 4 months ago," but rather, "the first trip I've made to GW in FOUR MONTHS or more!"

Can you BELIEVE that?

While the Husband has been glad I've not been filling the house with more "finds", I am still surprised at the possibility that we've kept away that long. :)
We had a good trip today, I thought.

First up, old books.

I love old books. I read them. I like the illustrations. I love to decorate with them. I often find that they are the perfect "starting point" for themed vignettes. For instance, this one:

Will that be GREAT as a backdrop for a beach-themed shelf or something next summer? Perfect! I was especially amused by it when I saw that the main character shares my husband's name! :)

Here are a few other oldies I found. All library discards from the 60's.

 Two more "beach" books, and one on "American Horses." Sounds so authoritative, doesn't it?

Next up, moving on into fall and its feel,   this sweet little measuring cup.

Aren't those trees just adorable?  It's a half-cup size, which is my FAVORITE size measuring cup, and isn't that sparkly crazed finish just charming? I can't wait to stick it in something cute here soon!

And my FAVORITE find of the day:

Ah, PEARS! I have pear pillows and pear candles, and earlier this week I was ooh-ing and aaah-ing over Vanessa's pear plate in her mantel vignette. Well, my plate is quite different from hers, but it fits me quite well, I think! After all, it has the wonderfully fun combo of cheery cherries, blueberries(which we pick at my parents' each year), PEARS, and GOLD TRIM!!!!!      A perfect fit. :)

We had a tiring day but took it easy this afternoon(hence the posting that is HAPPENING today!). There is still the weekend to catch up on two days of history. We are really enjoying America the Beautiful!

I hope your weekend is lovely--filled with sweet moments, good food, and warm friendship.


Linking to these fun parties:
This is my sweet little guy. He's officially in second grade now, and he finished the reading level that he's been working hard on the past year just this week.
Thought I'd share.

Onward and upward next week!

I'm kinda proud of this one. :)


Friday, September 16, 2011

The first half dozen . . .

As things go, it seems only appropriate that ONE of the chickens began laying last weekend while we were in Florida. She persists, one egg a day. We've had eight eggs so far! Now, if her coop-mates will only get the right idea!
They're such fluffy, happy girls.

And the eggs are DELICIOUS.
It's terribly gratifying to walk PAST the egg case at the grocery.


We've all heard. . . .

Cheerios are good for your heart!


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Back to School Mantel

Visiting Laurie's blog last week, I was inspired to do a back-to-school theme mantel for the season. We have technically been in school most of the summer and are currently in a break, but will start back in about a week. I thought doing the mantel--which is truly right in the center of our home--might set the mood and make it a more cheerful occasion.

Thanks for the inspiration, Laurie!

I hope you like what I did--it was quite the fun way to spend the afternoon procrastinating about packing for vacation! lol.

To start school, you simply MUST have a slate. This one reminds us who we are. 

A sweet vintage measuring stick reminds us all to do our best to "measure up" and "make the grade." 
And, of course, school can't start without a fresh box of Crayolas!

A globe for geography, an apple for the teacher, and a tip of the hat to Biology lab.
Oh, and let's keep a song in our hearts this school year!
One end of the mantel. I rehung the mirror yesterday--vertically rather than horizontally. Quite the change.

The other end--vintage globe, another slate, colored pencils in a vase, little boy and girl heading to school figurines, and my FAVORITE picture of the kids ever. Seven down to newborn. Love it. Reminds me how fast the days years pass!
The whole shebang.

In case I get a little too pie-in-the-sky about our schooling goals this year, this sweet little redhead(which reminds me of another Redhead around here!)keeps my perspective STRAIGHT!
(We all need a Redhead in our lives!)

For the garland I clothespinned vintage flash cards to some cheery red yarn. Don't those just take you right back to second grade? I put up some of the facts that were the hardest to learn--and a few easy ones too. :)

I stepped back and realized it was missing something, so I added ONE MORE little touch--can you see it?

Because when it comes to school for us, there's just NO PLACE LIKE. . .

I hope your school year is happy, whether at home, on the beach, in a classroom, or on a computer somewhere!
Never STOP learning!

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