Thursday, September 22, 2011

Goodwill Trip--after about FOUR MONTHS!

No, not as in "things I purchased at Goodwill 4 months ago," but rather, "the first trip I've made to GW in FOUR MONTHS or more!"

Can you BELIEVE that?

While the Husband has been glad I've not been filling the house with more "finds", I am still surprised at the possibility that we've kept away that long. :)
We had a good trip today, I thought.

First up, old books.

I love old books. I read them. I like the illustrations. I love to decorate with them. I often find that they are the perfect "starting point" for themed vignettes. For instance, this one:

Will that be GREAT as a backdrop for a beach-themed shelf or something next summer? Perfect! I was especially amused by it when I saw that the main character shares my husband's name! :)

Here are a few other oldies I found. All library discards from the 60's.

 Two more "beach" books, and one on "American Horses." Sounds so authoritative, doesn't it?

Next up, moving on into fall and its feel,   this sweet little measuring cup.

Aren't those trees just adorable?  It's a half-cup size, which is my FAVORITE size measuring cup, and isn't that sparkly crazed finish just charming? I can't wait to stick it in something cute here soon!

And my FAVORITE find of the day:

Ah, PEARS! I have pear pillows and pear candles, and earlier this week I was ooh-ing and aaah-ing over Vanessa's pear plate in her mantel vignette. Well, my plate is quite different from hers, but it fits me quite well, I think! After all, it has the wonderfully fun combo of cheery cherries, blueberries(which we pick at my parents' each year), PEARS, and GOLD TRIM!!!!!      A perfect fit. :)

We had a tiring day but took it easy this afternoon(hence the posting that is HAPPENING today!). There is still the weekend to catch up on two days of history. We are really enjoying America the Beautiful!

I hope your weekend is lovely--filled with sweet moments, good food, and warm friendship.


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Michelle said...

Ooh, love that measuring cup! I'd use it every day. And smile. :) I really hope I can get out this weekend without the kids to do a little thrifting of my own.

LV said...

I enjoyed seeing all your great vintage finds. That measuring cup is just the neatest ever.

Emily Fay said...

I love the treasures you found! I love thrift store shopping - Have a great weekend!

C. Joy said...

Of all your treasures today, I like the measuring cup best.

Coloradolady said...

I have been away from GW too for a bit!! I miss it. I have a thing for old books too, I never seem to find them at our local goodwill, I have better luck at church sales for those.

I love that little measuring cup, that is so sweet!!

Happy VTT and have a wonderful weekend.

Hi, I'm Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh those books! That 1/2 cup swoon. If I had a GW that had those type of finds I would be there every week. :)

If you ever come across 1st editions of the Little House series know they would happily find a home here.

Mary said...

Oh, I like your Autumn trees cup and vintage fruit-decal'ed plate, too. I found an old cup in the backroom of an antique store my husband and I like to frequent that says "You asked for half a cup!" and it's flat on it's backside. You've prolly seen those - they were around a lot in the 50's and 60's. Love yours~

Ellen said...

What a wonderful finds...I just love the pear plate. And the measuring cup is sweet also, oh I love it all who am I kidding. Sometimes we need a break and something was telling you that yesterday was your day.
Happy Fall

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Great finds April! Love that pretty plate, and that measuring cup is delightful. laurie

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

I love old children's books, too! I found one old 1904 book recently titled Judy. I had no idea what it would be but I loved it and will read it again in a few years. ♥