Friday, October 14, 2011

Eight Year Old Birthday Party--LOTS of pictures!

Saturday we celebrated The Boy's 8th birthday a week early. His theme this year was Toy Story Lego. We had FUN.

First up, the "snake in my boot" game. Woody the cowboy sometimes says "There's a snake in my BOOT!"  We had the boot. And the snakes.
The party table was easy enough to do because there is SO much Toy Story STUFF available. I was able to pick up plates, cups,and napkins for just a few dollars at dollar stores, and the cupcake toppers were on clearance at Hobby Lobby back in June(Ok, so yes, we plan ahead on bday parties!). The Boy added some of his Lego characters and his Woody doll. Buzz Lightyear was an early bday gift too.


We also had sparkly stickers that worked great as confetti, and a pack of Toy Story playing cards had just the graphic punch I needed to jazz up the table without resorting to the themed table cover. :) I just used a plastic $1 one from Walmart.
I made the cupcakes and frosting myself. They weren't perfect(having never iced cupcakes with a bag and tip before), but they were cute and YUMMY. The Boy LOVED them. That was all I needed!

Of course, we had to have star-themed food too--as was easily possible. These Little Debbie cookies were PERFECT!

They played a guess-how-many game with green army men.

Here's another view of the party table, all set.(Never mind the orange elf sneaking down the stairs at the right side.)
Between sisters, friends, and a cousin, we had PLENTY of girlie giggles to go around!

The Boy and his two best buddies. I love that his two best friends are brothers.

PRESENTS! And party favors--in the small brown bags.

They played "Pin the badge on Woody." It got interesting, since the kids realized they could feel the edges of the cardboard cutout and find the right spot.

What are big sisters for, if not to spin you around and make you dizzy?
The board assistant got creative in her attempts to foil the players. :)

Another pin, right on target!
The cutest deputy around gets her blindfold on.
Now for the reptile flingin'.  Yes we did this last year too. THAT was a Cow DOG party, though!

She flung snakes with the best of 'em. Got three in the boot, too. Impressive for such a wee sprout!
Sisters. . .
Three generations. Dads and sons.
Angry Birds armband. He was excited. I have no idea why. 

His reaction to the Hershey bar reminded me of his mother. 
THE BIG TOY. The train set. THANK YOU Mamaw Jan!

I think he liked it!

More Toy Story Legos.

By my shaky math, he received 1,358 pieces of Legos this year. OUCH!(That is, if you happen to step on them in the DARK, barefoot!)
"Jacky" the dog had to sing Happy Birthday too.

Lego Time.
I couldn't believe they FINISHED these in just a couple of hours.
Y'all come back to see us soon!



Barry said...

Love it!

shannon i olson said...

what a wonderful party! Toy story is so classic, my baby loved Woody and Buzz, he is now 19! Looks like you had a great time.

no spring chicken said...

What fun! I want you to give my next party, kay?

Blessings, Debbie

Samantha said...

The birthday party looks absolutely fantastic. I love the cupcakes! Thank you for stopping by my blog today and reading my Top 10 list! I just started reading the Jan Karon series so I will plan on reading the Christmas book next year! So far, I've been enchanted by the first book in the series.


❀~Myrna~❀ said...

Happy 8th Birthday to your son ! Wonderful , fun party! I love the snake in the boot game , I will have to use that one , it looks so fun !

Mecky said...

What a great party! I will have to share this with my DD for when her son is alittle bit older. He loves Woody!