Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Touches of Fall

It's always a bit tricky around here, the whole Fall-coming-idea, because for one, the leaves don't FALL in earnest till January. Well, we all know that's even post-snowman season, but truly here we don't get "fall colors" or even really WEATHER--it cools down slightly, but the mosquitoes are still horrible and the middle of the day is just plain HOT till, oh, January, sometimes. We do often have a "cold snap" in November for 4 or 5 days...but this is the deep, nearly tropical SOUTH.


SO, those lovely lightly sweater-clad, run in the yard and jump into piles of leaves and drink hot apple cider while seated round the campfire days just DON'T happen here. Maybe somewhere else(I have my doubts!)?
I'm afraid Louisiana could turn me cynical if I didn't watch out!

Those disclaimers stated, it has begun the cooling trend--this week, at least--and we ARE enjoying hot drinks again.  Hubby made me the first cappucino of the season yesterday afternoon. Mocha decaf. OH MY.
This morning I treated myself to chai latte--OH MY AGAIN.

Two of the girls had hot cocoa with steamed milk. They were happy too. :)

I redecorated the tiny shelf above my stove for the season. Assorted creamer-type vessels and some cutesy acorn S&P shakers.

There's the cute little creamer I found at GW recently! :)
Sweet little salt and peppers:  acorns...
and leaves!

I love the curves of this creamer. It's my Mom's wedding china pattern--Iroquois Informal by Ben Seibel, "Blue Vineyard".

They were married in September, so a harvesty-themed pattern does seem fitting, doesn't it?
One day I'll get pictures while I'm at her house and I'll get to show you just how pretty it is!

I also redid the shelf that stands at the end of my kitchen island. The happy green in this vignette is quite autumn-y, to my mind.
(Yes, the battenburg cloth is covering the messy countertop. We live here, and it isn't always picture-pretty!)

Isn't this a sweet mismatched cup and saucer?

I love my apple candles and this leafy little tray.

My green "fairy lantern" makes me SMILE.

Sweet tea-for-one set beckons me to enjoy quiet moments and maybe a good book at every opportunity(I'm reading three right now!).

The tiny toile chest by my big cabinet got a happy touch for fall--candy-container pumpkins(just right for American Girl dolls!)on the ubiquitous black metal stand, and a charming enamelware cup given me by a friend this week.

Isn't it CUTE? I must find something to put IN it soon.

Isn't it wonderful to nestle in at home for the cooler time of the year? Next up is the mantel, but that redo will require entering the ATTIC. Not quite ready for that adventure yet(doesn't fit the "nestling in" idea I'm entertaining right now).

Happy day to you--may you thoroughly enjoy it!

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Janette - The2Seasons said...

Very nice touches to create fall in your home.

mississippi artist said...

I love that enamel cup!!!We have had a few cool nights,but it is hot in the daytime.That is o.k. with me because I can't stand to be cold!

Doni said...

How CUTE! I'm so excited that you came by my blog and joined me for Pearls and Lace Thursday! Seeing that you've made changes in your kitchen makes me think I should too....but that means moving way too much stuff! maybe I can just ADD a few more items..huh??
Love those acorn salt and peppers! And I'm a new follower!
Thanks again for linking with me!
Blessings, Doni

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

The leafy little tray is adorable!


Darling, scarlet ladybug,
On the prowl for bugs and such,
If I met you on the rug,
I would not be frightened (much).

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Red Cactus Fruit

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Thanks for stopping by to visit me!

I like the sign on the shelf above your stove..I need to find something like that for mine. Cute fall s/p shakers too!

C. Joy said...

It may not feel like autumn at your place, but it sure looks like it. Enjoy.

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Hi April, what wonderful touches of fall you've added to your home. I love your little fairy light!! It is so nice to meet you , I have family in Monroe.. you live in a beautiful state.. hugs ~lynne~

Mary said...

I do love Autumn decorations :) And I just love your mother's china pitchers. They are graceful and gorgeous. Love the little leaves and acorns in china,too :) Happy Fall!

SueLovesCherries said...

Hi April! I love every photo! It's great how that cup and saucer match so well. That tray is so unusual - I wonder what those holes are for? Cigarettes and an ashtray, originally? Do you think those little hannukah-style candles would fit in them?

Great how those pumpkins fit right into that holder! You should try those battery operated tea lights in them - would be pretty!

Mom Walds Place said...

Lovely collections! Nice to meet you at Rednesday.

Hi, I'm Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

What adorable fall themed vignettes!

Thank you SO very much for linking up!

no spring chicken said...

Oh My! Yes your house is doing the change even if your weather is not. I love the curvy creamer... :)...

Blessings, Debbie

Coloradolady said...

Great use of these vintage finds. I love that gravy boat!! I need to start doing some decorating this weekend too. I have been inspired in blogland!! Thanks for sharing. Happy VTT!

Favourite Vintage Finds said...

Love all these vintage finds! Fabulous Autumn display!

very merry vintage style said...

Love all your decorations. The pumpkins look so cute on the chandelier! Thanks for linking up to Share the Love Wednesday; hope you'll be back this week!