Sunday, November 20, 2011

Candlelight and a Simple Mantel

It has been so busy, and time has been just zooming past these last few weeks! I cannot believe Thanksgiving is just next week, and then Christmas! We've already been getting some things done for Christmas. Can't really start TOO early! :)

I am loving the longer evenings since the time changed. I light candles almost every night now, at least on the dining table. Simple, mason jars or other clear holders. I love to put an inch or so of water and just "float" the votive in the jar; seems like the water adds extra sparkle to the firelight.

I finally took down the "back to school" mantel, just switching out with some pretty fall-toned things that will be easy to remove when it's time for the "all-out" time, CHRISTMAS!

I know I won't be back to the keyboard between now and then, likely, so I want to say HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you and yours--there's always a need to cultivate a heart that's thankful.



Saturday, November 19, 2011

The WHOLE Head of Lettuce. . .

Yesterday morning we were scampering around trying to get everyone ready to leave for an appointment "in town",(okay, I was chatting with Mom on the cell phone while nearly standing on my head in the closet searching for my BOOTS!) when the doorbell rang.

It was my neighbor-from-across-the-road.

He brought this.

Romaine. He GREW it.



THAT is what I call "the whole head of lettuce".

I need to send them another dozen eggs!


Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fun Finds

The Redhead and I screeched into GW on two wheels this morning in a whirlwind trip to my favorite antiques shop and "around", and it appeared to be NOT a good day for GW. NOTHING in the general plates, glassware and "junk" area made me happy, so we just so happened to wander over by the textiles.

(plug your ears)

It was folded right-side-in on a hanger amidst pathetic pillow shams and polyester tablecloths....

Card table size.

EEEEK! It helps that dogwoods are one of my all-time favorite, memory-evoking flowers, I'm sure. :)

I also found a wonderful "other-green"(what's my favorite color, you may ask? lol) tablecloth that will FIT our new table(at this point I finally have THREE that will fit it). It will make a great base layer for holiday 'scapes.

At Kindred Heart we found this:

The pitcher is about four inches high; the glasses an inch and a half! PINK!
Shhhhhh. Don't tell Kit; it's her Christmas gift! :)

Happy Saturday!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October's Over-Recap of the Month

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It's hard to believe October is past already, and now we're staring the holidays in the face! What did October look like around here? 

To begin with, with the cooler weather, the flowers go crazy.
C's Cinnamon Basil having a seed-sowing hayday.

Wild flowers find their color again after the heat of summer. 

Summer annuals put forth a last hurrah.

The light hits the trees differently.


The roses LOVE the cooler air.

And I love the roses. :)

We had our very first five-egg day. Every hen accounted for! 

Inside, the changing light shows up what needs to be cleaned and refreshed before the busiest time of year hits.  I don't really DO spring cleaning. It happens in the fall when I can be more assured of pleasant temperatures.
 We cleaned kids' rooms. The mirrors from the bath project are on his bed here. 
We even organized(the clothing part of)closets. I still have tons of stuff in the kids' closets from when we first moved in and they didn't need so much of their own storage space. Bad Mom! :)
We redid the kids' bath upstairs:

The Boy had a birthday. 

 We took the Boy to the mall on his birthday. Only two wanted to ride the carousel this time. The others have gotten "too big". :(
I wonder how much longer she will be happy to be seen with her best friend, Kit. She got to ride her big sister's favorite horse THIS time.

We visited my home church for Homecoming Sunday. 
 My dad was bugging the Boy to distraction. 
Needless to say the grandparents were glad to see the children!

Grandmother's House.
Her flowers were really putting on a show, and I love the long tree shadows across the yard.

There were "treasures" to be had at Goodwill:
 Love the roses and the Octobery-orange rim!
 Pyrex! LOVE!
 A third vase like the two that flank my mantel right now. It was lonely!
 And this unmarked, mushroom cottage cookie jar. It's a mystery to me!
Any ideas how old it might be?

One more flower shot. C's morning glories, on a sunflower stalk. :)

I hope your October was just LOVELY. And as we head into November, hold on tight!