Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fun Finds

The Redhead and I screeched into GW on two wheels this morning in a whirlwind trip to my favorite antiques shop and "around", and it appeared to be NOT a good day for GW. NOTHING in the general plates, glassware and "junk" area made me happy, so we just so happened to wander over by the textiles.

(plug your ears)

It was folded right-side-in on a hanger amidst pathetic pillow shams and polyester tablecloths....

Card table size.

EEEEK! It helps that dogwoods are one of my all-time favorite, memory-evoking flowers, I'm sure. :)

I also found a wonderful "other-green"(what's my favorite color, you may ask? lol) tablecloth that will FIT our new table(at this point I finally have THREE that will fit it). It will make a great base layer for holiday 'scapes.

At Kindred Heart we found this:

The pitcher is about four inches high; the glasses an inch and a half! PINK!
Shhhhhh. Don't tell Kit; it's her Christmas gift! :)

Happy Saturday!


Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

the tablecloths were a great find. I can never find anything at GW so am always wanting to see what others find!

Hi, I'm Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Green is my favorite color. Great finds!

Sherry@Back2Vintage said...

The dogwood tablecloth is a great find, April. I've sold napkins that match it, so look for dogwood napkins, too!!!

Judy said...

Love the pitcher and glasses and I am sure Kit will like them too.

Judy said...

Love the pitcher and glasses and I am sure Kit will like them too.
You should see my yellow roses. They do love the cool weather.

The Cranky Queen said...

Love the dogwoods! I have one with a gray background. Great find. Tiff

Visit me sometimes over at the blog palace! Tiff

Loretta said...

Hi April, I'm searching blogs today and found you...I love your blog and concept. I am also from Louisiana amd I am now your new follower...please stop by to visit and become our follower too...I would love having you join us! I'm taking a bit of time of, but don't let that stop you from joining us and our family of friends to share your creativity with us! Have a happy holiday! Hugs, Loretta