Thursday, December 15, 2011

Didn't I say that when it got to November, HOLD ON?

Wow. I really have been missing in action lately, haven't I? It seems to happen with the coming of each new Christmas season! I get overwhelmed with all the things that need to be done for the season piled on top of the normal daily things that usually DON'T get done, and I stop doing ANYTHING "fun". I guess it's probably not a good way to handle the stress, because the fun stuff of Christmastime is some of the best part. This year, however, the doldrums have been particularly deep. *smile*

That said, I decided to dust off the photo files and show you some of what we've been "doing".

For starters, we were with my parents in Mississippi for Thanksgiving. That meant we had the pick of the local countryside on Black Friday. Here's my C, at her favorite Mississippi greenhouse.

Happy as a lark! Aren't those snapdragons GORGEOUS?
More flowers from that day:
 The poinsettias were AMAZING. HUGE!
Even the petunias were dressed in their Christmas finery!
Look at all the hips on this rose bush!
We had so much fun there!

Later that night the girls helped Mom get the Christmas tree up, while I sat by and took pictures!
Not sure if they're angels or statues of liberty?!?

 Mom loves Christmas. :)
Sweet ornaments are all mostly gifts from close friends and family. She has a story for each of them.
 I made this little girl YEARS ago.
This little Santa was my Mamaw's.
 Hard at work. Doodle-bird  too!

Doesn't this little house just make you want to knock on the door?
 Continual motion!
Another pretty little house.
The dog was FINISHED. Sweet with his head on his gingerbread doll. 
Ah, the Christmas maiden, wearing the tree skirt. I had to convince her NOT to wear the Christmas balls on her ears--or braces!(she was by far the most energetic at this point in the late evening!)
That old Woolworth's tree is always SO pretty when it's finished.

I hope your Christmas preparations are moving along beautifully, and that you truly have PEACE and JOY in your heart!



mississippi artist said...

Looks like you had a wonderful timedecorating the tree, with some very pretty ornaments. Ones from friends are the best kind. It is hot here in Mississippi tonight-not Christmas weather for sure-but that's o.k. with me, I don't like cold!

Judy said...

Loved the pictures with captions of the Mississippi trip. I felt almost a part of the festivities. Seeing your Mom is so special. She enjoys life doesn't she. It was so good to see you and your girls at Thanksgiving.

Judy said...

April, loved the picture show of the tree decorating. Not as good as being there but certainly runs a not so close second. Seeing all those decorations puts me in a nostalgic mood. Thank you for taking the time to write the blog.

Liz said...

FUN! Unfortunately in our family, I am the ONE that does the tree... Your family sure looks like they are having fun! :)

Merry Christmas!