Monday, December 19, 2011

More December Fun

We have been having so much fun all month, it's been hard to blog, so today I decided to just do a chronicle starting right after Thanksgiving. Bear with me, please?

Of course, we were in Mississippi with my parents for Thanksgiving. Right after we came home, the kids began clamoring to get the Christmas decorations "going." C even volunteered to decorate the dining table:

 With a palm tree. (cough, cough!)
It did lend a lovely green glow to everything around it, as it nearly touched the ceiling fan light above when it was on the table! She finally put it back in her room, and the cat has been having fun knocking it over. :)

Of course, next up comes the Christmas tree. The girls were impatient  with me once again, and decided to do it themselves. It was exciting   confusing to discover I had purchased PINK lights at the end of season sales last year...I normally wouldn't have wanted pink lights on the main tree, but since they were doing it, I let it go. Can you tell THEY liked the lights?

The finished tree:

At night.
(The tiny tree topper was a joke, but then it got left up there. So this will be the year of the tiny pink tree topper!)

Now, of course with all the excitement floating around here, we had to have an Advent calendar to count down the DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS...have you ever tried to find one of these things LARGE ENOUGH to hold a daily treat for FOUR kids? (Here's a hint: they DON'T sell them anywhere!). SO on the last day of November, I got desperate motivated and pulled an idea out of my hat and some craft supplies from the school area. . .

It isn't GORGEOUS, but for a last-minute-frantic effort, it works GREAT! 
Please excuse the fuzzy picture(and the branches of our Jesse tree sticking up in front!).  To make this monster I used Dover clip art, printed and run through the "stickyator" cartridge on my laminator, and then we stuck and trimmed the pictures to fit index cards and manila tags I had left over from another project. I clipped them to this classroom pocket chart with mini clothespins, filled the pockets, and we were READY! (Can I say enough how much I LOVE THE STICKER MAKER CARTRIDGE???)

One of the Advent treats was a new popcorn popper. We love popcorn. Our BIRDS love popcorn. My dad's DOG loves popcorn...the microwave stuff gets pricey FAST. This little gem gets the job done.

And as you can see, it ADDED to the EXCITEMENT.

The Boy has been a literal "blur" ALL MONTH.

I did my traditional treatment on the chandelier. It makes me smile!

There are candles scattered about.

I have nativity scenes here and there.

 This one in particular helps us remember the Reason for the season. 
I love the Scripture imprinted on each figure.

The entryway was the last area decorated this year.My little white tree sits in a vintage suitcase, snuggled up to an old Coleman snowflake cooler. Frosty is helping keep them cool, I suppose!
Frosty is OLD and cannot stay outside in winter anymore. :) 

 A few of my miniature churches. Grouping them like this made me think of Ruston, where we used to live. They have a church on every other corner, and a bank on the rest! :)

I just decided to pile vintage balls on a tray this year, rather than hanging them all.
And this little guy was on my kitchen window the other night! It was December 15! Apparently he was enjoying a bug feast before the weather changed again. Yep, that's Christmas in Louisiana!

May you and yours be merry this week!

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Gabbi said...

Hey Mrs. April, first of all we miss ya'll. Second, It looks like you and your helpers are getting your beautiful home ready for Christmas. (And what a WONDERFUL job ya'll are doing. :)
Third I hope ya'll have a happy Christmas, filled with the Peace and the Joy of Christ this Wonderful season.

Merry Christmas to you and you wonderful family.


Alida said...

So beautiful...the photos and the memories you all are creating!

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

Your home looks all ready for Christmas! Thanks for visiting with me this week! Merry Christmas from Arizona!

~~Carol~~ said...

This was such a great chronicle of your family's festivities leading up to Christmas! Your tree is gorgeous, and I love the pink lights too!
Merry Christmas and Happy REDnesday!

❀~Myrna~❀ said...

What a beautiful family Christmas !
Merry Christmas to you all !

ps I love the pink lights on the tree.

Antiques And Teacups said...

What a very pretty home! I had a laugh about the pink lights & tree topper! The chandelier is lovely and I love you innovative ideas! Thanks so much for posting your wonderful family Christmas prep!
Mery Christmas!

jeanne said...

Oh my, your Christmas post is fun and adorable with the photos of your girls decorating. Good moms let the children do their thing. That would be you!!! smile. The advent calendar is great. Fun times at Christmas is the way it should be.
Merry Christmas,
Hugs, Jeanne

C. Joy said...

You are one busy woman. Your vintage ornaments look so good - so does the chandelier. Merry Christmas.

GardenofDaisies said...

Your home is decorate so beautifully! I LOVE your little churches. That is a great solution for a big advent calendar! (For people without access to this type of classroom supply, I bet hanging shoe storage pockets would work.) Have a very Merry Christmas!!!

Lynn said...

Dear April,

Forgive me for being so slow to get a comment on your blog! I miss my blog visits with my friends. It's one of the few downsides to my job right now. I sure stay busy getting my 40 in! I love all of your bright pictures! But I especially love the comment about the boy being a blur all month! Did that ever bring back memories! LOL. I loved seeing what your children are doing! You have got beautiful children! I hope this coming year is a most excellent year for you!