Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Thank You, Secret Santa!

This year I joined up with the Secret Santa Soiree hosted by Coloradolady. I had never participated in a blog swap event, so I was very excited! There was a box with Delivery Confirmation in my driveway this morning when I went out to check the mail, so of course I couldn't wait to get it inside and opened!

I have to say I have not the slightest idea WHO my SSS friend is...I will have to do some detective work to figure it out, but I want to say to her THANK YOU! I love the goodies!!!!

She had packaged everything carefully and it was all intact when it arrived:

Two sweet hanging candle holders with wonderful-smelling STRAWBERRY candles. How did she know that just last night I was bemoaning needing two more clear candle holders for a little Christmas display I was trying to put together? :)

These are great, too, because I can hang them in my kitchen window and enjoy the candlelight, which will ease the press on that highly desirable display space.
She also included a small jar candle in the same scent.

All three candles were nestled in this sweet little basket. (I love baskets!)

AND, because she saw that I love my tea(and she must have known that my mug-o-coffee gets cold before I finish it every morning), she tucked in these four sweet handmade "mug rugs". HOW she found a pattern of fabric with (1)cherries, (2)roses,(3)blue-and-white, and (4)polka dots, ALL in one, I will never know, but I LOVE THAT FABRIC!

So thank you Secret Santa! I have had a big smile on my face all day, and that even carried me through Walmart(no small feat!).

I hope you have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!
And, last but NOT least, THANK YOU SUZANNE for hosting the SSS this year! :)



Loretta said...

Congrats April...Enjoy your beautiful gift!!!
Warmest Regards,
Loretta xoxo

Coloradolady said...

You are welcome!! What a sweet gift box of goodies! I am with you, I love that fabric!! So, so cute. I hope you have a great Holiday and thank you for participating this year!!

Neabear said...

What wonderful gifts! And those mug rugs are adorable!


Susan said...

That was a lovely, well-thought out and coordinated gift box. Amazing fabric! Nothing like giving the service of time spent, is there?

Hi, I'm Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh how very fun! I wish I had had time to join in a few groups. You always get the most fun and festive things. Enjoy!

LV said...

Santa filled your basket with all the right things. A great gift.

Denise :) said...

What fun!! I love that fabric, too...such a sweet print!! Your Secret Santa was a jolly good one! :)

Joy said...

Great package! I love baskets too. Have a Merry Christmas..stopping in to see what S. Santa brought everyone.