Monday, January 30, 2012

Happy Birthday, Honey!

Well, as I mentioned in my previous post, today is kind of a special day. 
This guy:
has a BIRTHDAY today.
So I wanted to give him a shout out and say I LOVE YOU, Mr. B!
You make me smile, make me coffee, make me laugh, and help us always to look for God's goodness and plan in things that come our way.
Thanks for ALL you do--

You are such a blessing to us!
Happy Birthday! 


My Valentine Tree

It was a BUSY weekend! Hubby was off Friday, and we got to stay home and do house stuff--not too exciting, but necessary. Saturday we went to a meeting 2.5 hours away, without kids in the car, so it was a great chance to catch up and just visit uninterrupted, but we were TIRED. Yesterday afternoon we met some new friends for lunch and then picked up a few groceries on the way home, and TODAY is his BIRTHDAY! I have NOTHING planned for that poor man today, and added on top of that is his mother's knee-replacement surgery and picking up MY parents from the airport tonight! What a birthday!

So I wanted to show you the ONE "pretty" thing I got to do this weekend--that is, Friday we DID finally get ALL the Christmas stuff back into the attic(do I get some sort of "late" prize for that? lol.)! That allowed me to get out the Valentines!

Here's the little tree:

I set it into a vintage suitcase that I had layered red and white fabrics into, and the whole thing sits on an OLD luggage rack that I covered with a white tablecloth and a red burlap square. It sits by my kitchen bar, between the dining area and the craft nook--a very high traffic zone, which just means we get to SEE it.

A few sweet heart ornaments and some fun tiny stuffed animals that belong to the kids all tucked into the branches.

Teddy bears with flowers and little girls loving their dolls, my ME cherry ornaments, and a friendly, "sisterly" reminder. We NEED that around this house! :) Sweet pictures of my little ones(when they WERE little)round out the scene.
Of course, I have to add in my tea things, as I DO love to do a Valentine's Day tea party with my girls!
The Boy helped me by decorating the little bitty valentine tree--I set it on an OLD Igloo cooler we found in a former home--it's red and white, with a snowflake on top! We used rustic-themed ornaments on this one. It rather looks like some little lovebirds decorated it.
Here ARE some lovebirds, and more tea things.

View from the floor. I guess you might call it the dustbunny point of view.

More tiny tea pots!

I snuggled some warm fuzzies and sweet homemade valentines in around the bottom of the tree.

I hope your day is LOVE-ly!


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pink Stems and Sweetpeas

Back WAYYY before Christmas, we zipped into Goodwill one afternoon, and I came out HAPPY, but then I forgot to SHOW YOU WHAT WE FOUND!

I guess they're not TOO special as in value, but absolutely BEAUTIFUL, yes they are! I enjoy just seeing them sitting on my glass shelf in the glass-front kitchen cabinet, like little pink jewels tucked away safely. ONE day I'll be able to do a tablescape and USE them, I just know it!

Today on the way home from J's piano lesson, SHE suggested we stop in "really quickly" (which I have learned you should NEVER say when going in there, just BECAUSE you won't be "really quick" about anything because they WILL have SOME LOTS OF THINGS you MUST have and a lonnnnnnng line to check out, every time, everytime!)Anyway, we stopped in, and I found 18 things! (smile)

We adopted a cockatoo:

And I found THESE:

SEVENTEEN of them!

Homer Lauglin "indestructoware"(that's just what I call it!)

WITH PINK FLOWERS.(*sigh* Sweet Peas?)

I am utterly happy.

Thanks for stopping by, and I wish you a Happy Thursday!

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Monday, January 23, 2012

More Tiny Fun...

I tell you, getting started making little people is rather catching. I made ANOTHER this morning.

Tonight the whole family had left the kitchen to watch tv for a bit, and when I came back in to finish cleaning up, I found this.

Apparently they decided it would be a LOVELY evening to spend chatting on the countertop!


I hope you had a lovely evening too.


A Wee Bit of Fun

 I spent the evening yesterday making these little guys and gals:
The finished lot at bedtime.
It started with this  little bitty girl.

I had ordered a kit to make the little wiry fairy people, but when I had finished her, she just wasn't BIG enough. She needed more substance. So next was this one:

I wired her all together, then wrapped the wires with embroidery floss. I think she has a serene, wise look. She will be a gift. :)

A closer look at her front--tiny seashell "necklace."

From the back, you can see her wild pink hair and tiny little hat. She was SO  fun to make!

Then, I moved on to THIS, because The Boy said, "Mom, can you make a BOY one?"(Poor kid, house full of sisters!)

He looks a wee bit French! I am thinking it would be fun to do one with STRIPED clothing. :)

I decided it would be nice to make a gift for the little sister of the friend who is getting the purple and pink fairy. This is what I came up with:
Obviously, a redhead!

A better picture of her, with her friend I created next:

And lastly, I just HAD to make ONE more MAN before heading off to bed.

I love the face.

It was SO fun and relaxing to take time and MAKE something, and I loved that my girls would come sit beside me and visit while I was crafting. I need to do that more often! 

What did YOU do this weekend?

Thanks for visiting!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Tiny Teapot Tip

I enjoyed an afternoon visit from my sweet friend and her two girls today, and while they were here, her little one and my Redhead decided to have tea. This resulted in a teapot lid crashing into the sink and scaring me half to death, but it did NOT break, amazingly. Which reminded me of a helpful(albeit VERY simple) little thing I figured out a while ago, and so thought I'd share with you:

How to keep a teapot from losing its lid!(Also handy for protecting from burned fingers and wobbly pouring dribbles!)

I did this with two different  sizes of teapots(six cups and two cups) so you could see.
Start with a full, ready to serve teapot and about 36" of ribbon.

I'll show the large "dotty pot" first. :)

Take your ribbon and loop it around the spout of your pot, crossing it BEFORE you reach the knob on the lid, and then crossing it again AFTER the knob.
 Loop THROUGH the handle, cross the ribbon so that it comes out both sides of the handle.

 Pull the ribbon up so you can finish up by...
TYING A BOW, finishing the pot off cutesily(I made a word!).

Now littles and mamas and friends of all sizes can pour their tea without the slightest fear of that lid slipping off and disintegrating!

For a smaller teapot, it is similar, only you start by taking the ribbon THROUGH THE HANDLE.
Cross the ribbon PAST the knob.
Wrap around the spout, crossing the ribbon back over the top of the pot.

Loop through the handle from both directions.
Pull up.
Be sure the ribbon is securely placed on both sides of the knob!
Then, TIE your bow! 

That's all there is to it--simple and fun!


Thanks to these lovely ladies for hosting!


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Because He's THAT Kind of Guy...

For some months I have been clamoring periodically over "how nice it would be" to have a rolling chair for the computer, or for my school room or for the sewing/craft area. I have realized that knowing I have to get up and sit back down multiple times(especially working on SCHOOL organizing/planning)while doing a task just makes me procrastinate on it all the more.

So last Friday my sweet husband came home with this:
And with this:

AND with THIS:

Not ONE comfy-soft, adjustable, spinning, rolling "task" chair, but THREE.

Because he's THAT kind of guy.

I'm so blessed.