Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pink Stems and Sweetpeas

Back WAYYY before Christmas, we zipped into Goodwill one afternoon, and I came out HAPPY, but then I forgot to SHOW YOU WHAT WE FOUND!

I guess they're not TOO special as in value, but absolutely BEAUTIFUL, yes they are! I enjoy just seeing them sitting on my glass shelf in the glass-front kitchen cabinet, like little pink jewels tucked away safely. ONE day I'll be able to do a tablescape and USE them, I just know it!

Today on the way home from J's piano lesson, SHE suggested we stop in "really quickly" (which I have learned you should NEVER say when going in there, just BECAUSE you won't be "really quick" about anything because they WILL have SOME LOTS OF THINGS you MUST have and a lonnnnnnng line to check out, every time, everytime!)Anyway, we stopped in, and I found 18 things! (smile)

We adopted a cockatoo:

And I found THESE:

SEVENTEEN of them!

Homer Lauglin "indestructoware"(that's just what I call it!)

WITH PINK FLOWERS.(*sigh* Sweet Peas?)

I am utterly happy.

Thanks for stopping by, and I wish you a Happy Thursday!

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c. Joy said...

Use your glasses. And plates. Everyday is special. Thanks for sharing your beautiful finds.

LV said...

Your trip really paid off this time.

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Your glasses are gorgeous and the last trip was fruitful. Beautiful dishes and so many!

Marigene said...

I use everything, there is no such thing as saving them for special occasions, every day is special! Your pink glassware is going to look great with those beautiful new plates.

Nani said...

The glasses are just gorgeous!!

no spring chicken said...

I would have bought it all! Just wonderful...

Blessings, Debbie

elizabeth said...

LOVE your find!
I wanted to thank you for your kind comment on my post about the Father's love. :)