Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Thirteen and a New Turtle

Okay, so that sounds like some form of the Twelve Days of Christmas gone awry! Seriously, though, how blessed am I to have a daughter turning thirteen on the TENTH day of Christmas(that's my excuse for not UNdecorating the house yet each year--at least it still looks festive for her birthday!)?
J's "mushroom" look
Does this house LOOK festive? :)

Sweet J got to go shopping with her Mamaw J yesterday, with older sister and cousin in tow. They came home with another teeny-tiny turtle. She won't manage to replace Fatty Queen Hattie(ok, so it's not a nice name, but it RHYMES), the unfortunate one who died last spring, but she will be lovely company for little King Tut.(No, I don't understand why we seem to have a fixation with Egyptian turtle names, other than that when I was YOUNG I had a toy turtle named tut-tut, and every turtle my family ever encounters in the whole wide world WILL be called that at some point!)
King Tut. Dressed royally!

Her name is Nefertiti.
*SMILE* I did NOT name her myself--just to show that silliness apparently IS hereditary!
"Nerfie," for short!(and it only gets WORSE!)
I don't have a picture because she has spent the entire morning hiding under a rock!

But back to the thirteen thing. This is my second thirteen year old, in less than two years. Which means, of course, that soon I will also have a fifteen year old. And soon after, another twelve year old.

See that tiny fist? They were watching their baby sister through the window! The t-shirts say "I'm a big sister!"

The baby sister is growing up too! 

This all denotes, of course, that time is flying, and I am getting old fast, and that I have GOT to be sure that in the Lord's grace and goodness where I live, I am thankful for and mindful of every.single.moment. Because they're growing up and getting email addresses and starting blogs and learning about ancient history while developing strong opinions about politics and buying turtles and giggling at boys(just the IDEA of boys, not any specific ones, thank You, Lord!)...and dazzling me with smiles and art and ideas and just turning into way-too-beautiful young women(Who are now taller than their mother. WOW, the you-are-NOT-allowed-to-be-taller-than-your-mother rule really did NOT hold out for long!).

I am so thankful. For the child born the tenth day of Christmas thirteen years ago when the world was frozen over and we had to drive two hours to the hospital in the ice and my baby items were still in storage from the recent move, and we found out she was BREECH and I saw fear in my doctor's face but she was born safely, perfect, so beautiful, so tiny...and we were taken aback, breathless again at the miracle of new life we had been entrusted to hold for awhile...

thankful for the new turtle, another tiny life we will ooh and aah over while we can, for this messy house and too many books and not enough time to read and for all the meals to cook and the places to GO and the hugs and giggles and sugar sprinkled on the floor and laundry on my bed late at night and toys on the stairs...

and thankful for the man who goes to work each day so we can be here and enjoy all this, not forwarding our blessings passively, hurriedly on to another who would be able to appreciate them so much less. It's a gift, this being HERE. With them. Every day.


Thankful for the tears that listing these things inevitably brings. A softening heart, a heart even more here.

I wish for you an open, so-joyfully-thankful-that-it-hurts AWARENESS of  His blessings this day--
and a late happy new year from me to you.

Now, I've got to go make chocolate-chip pancakes for the birthday girl. :)



Antiques And Teacups said...

I would say that, indeed, your cup runneth over...with a great capacity for joy admidst the everyday living. Thanks for your visit and comment! I am so happy to meet you!

Judy said...

I felt your emotion as I read your blog today. You are a very priveleged young woman and you are smart enough to realize it. It blesses me to know how thankful and aware you are of the richness that surrounds you.
Aunt J

Judy said...

Um. I wrote a response and it disappeared after I signed in. I am so thankful that you, April, are aware of the richness that you enjoy each day, with your children, your husband, the turtles, the birds, the plants and flowers etc. Thank you for sharing thme with us.
Happy Birthday, Jessie!
Aunt J

Michelle said...

So beautiful! I didn't realize they shared a birthday. Happy Birthday to the 13 yr old!!! Wow, I'm going to blink and mine will be in their teens, too.