Monday, January 23, 2012

A Wee Bit of Fun

 I spent the evening yesterday making these little guys and gals:
The finished lot at bedtime.
It started with this  little bitty girl.

I had ordered a kit to make the little wiry fairy people, but when I had finished her, she just wasn't BIG enough. She needed more substance. So next was this one:

I wired her all together, then wrapped the wires with embroidery floss. I think she has a serene, wise look. She will be a gift. :)

A closer look at her front--tiny seashell "necklace."

From the back, you can see her wild pink hair and tiny little hat. She was SO  fun to make!

Then, I moved on to THIS, because The Boy said, "Mom, can you make a BOY one?"(Poor kid, house full of sisters!)

He looks a wee bit French! I am thinking it would be fun to do one with STRIPED clothing. :)

I decided it would be nice to make a gift for the little sister of the friend who is getting the purple and pink fairy. This is what I came up with:
Obviously, a redhead!

A better picture of her, with her friend I created next:

And lastly, I just HAD to make ONE more MAN before heading off to bed.

I love the face.

It was SO fun and relaxing to take time and MAKE something, and I loved that my girls would come sit beside me and visit while I was crafting. I need to do that more often! 

What did YOU do this weekend?

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Nani said...

They are so sweet! I did a whole army of elves for my Christmas decorating a bunch of years ago the same way - bought one and it was my blueprint for making the rest!

M weekend is Sunday/Monday, so I'm not done with it yet! I scrapbooked and I'm thinking of some cleaning today, even thought it;s technically still the weekend. :)

Have a great Monday!

Lynn said...

Oh, April, they are adorable! I love them all. Really like the second girl you did and the French one! But the readhead too! And the man! I love them all! LOL. Isn't it fun just to get "lost" in something like this? Oh my! Have a lovely evening!