Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Two New Family Members

FUZZY ones~how fun is that?

The kids came back from spending the weekend in Mississippi and brought two fuzzy chickies with them!

The little dears are growing so fast, you can ALMOST watch it happen!

Precious and precocious!(Claire on the left, Jane on the right)

I do think this one was POSED.(All photos taken by children!)

I hope your day has some warm fuzzies!


Monday, March 19, 2012

 Spring has BEEN here awhile now! I thought I'd show you the traditional blooming pictures. :)
 Pansies. Sadly, they will be finished soon.
 C's bench area.
 Apple blossoms!

 Uhm, Redhead and a dog in a wagon--not blooming, but beautiful!
 My little golfer. Not sure what's going on with the shovel! Lol. Maybe I need to get off the blog and pay more attention to these children!
 Apple blossoms and oak pollen against the blue, blue sky.
White spider lilies about to pop open. 

Of course, all these pictures were about two weeks ago! Since then, the spider lilies have begun blooming in earnest, the oak trees are in FULL leaf, and the black cherry has set its tiny little fruit. At this rate, we ought to have summer harvest by May! :)

I took some pictures of just how GREEN my backyard was last week:
 C's bearded iris--first one to open!
 See how green the back was after all the rain last week?

 More green with some nice shadows.
 This year C decided to try trench gardening--after all the rain, she found this happy little guy in one of her trenches!
 The "tree of trees" has leafed out completely. So beautiful.

And that's the outdoor update from our little patch of green!


Friday, March 16, 2012

Something Sweet

I tried to make one, just to see if I could.

You know a year ago we took a crochet class, and while my dear friend/teacher DID teach us to read a pattern, for me they are much like RECIPES. . . .

good as a jumping-off place.  
Real understanding comes from DOING.

So I used part of a pattern, and read another couple. Stitched awhile, pulled out what I had done.
Changed yarn and hook, started over.

This sweet one is going to my sweet niece for Easter:
Baby's first doll...
Bow well stitched-on, flower TIGHTLY attached.

Now working on making one SMALLER. Actually seeing if I can WRITE the pattern this time.

I stitch and count and write and repeat....

More to come!


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Hunter!

It is so hard to think my sweet little nephew turns TWO years old today!

My sweet sis-in-law sent me some pics of the birthday boy--he had a cupcake party!
Sooo diligent, spreading his icing. 

And the BEST part! YUMMY!

We love you little guy!

~aunt april

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Just a quick Hello!

Hello Friends--

I wanted you to know we're still HERE in our little damp swamp spot--we had major rain the last couple of days, and now it seems the icky sticky weather may be here for the SEASON
(that would be till, maybe, November!). 
Happy time change, right? 

Things outside are thriving--buds and blooms and bugs to boot.

I have at least a dozen projects swirling in my head, but trying to get anything DONE is akin to nailing jello to the wall--I need to pin things down before I forget it ALL and accomplish nothing!

Meanwhile, it's a special week here--starting with St. Patrick's Day, then celebrating the "A met B" day when I met my hubby, followed closely by our wedding anniversary, and then(not to be too excited) my birthday! It seems I disappear from blogging around this time each year, but I will TRY not to this time, because we just have too much fun NOT to share.

I hope that Spring is on her way where you are!

Happy Tuesday!

Speaking of Springtime Sunshine, isn't she a DOLL? (My new niece!)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I was given a sweet, wild bouquet this past weekend.

 Picked with four eager young hands.

 A bit of Spring's delicate beauty.

 Brought indoors to enjoy.

 May all YOUR weeds be wildflowers! 

What is a weed? A weed is a plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered. 
                                                                -Ralph Waldo Emerson


Monday, March 5, 2012

Cleaning house...

I have spent time today reading back through old "draft" posts and have decided to work on some of them for publishing. Some are of holiday themes. Some are just thoughts, all are things I was unable to finish(photos or phobias at the time, either or both!)in a timely manner, but I think that the memory-preserving nature of this blog will be best served by going ahead and publishing them.

I just wanted to give a heads-up to my friends who read my posts--yes, one will come through about Christmas from two years ago. (smile)
I DO know what year and season it IS right now.

Happiness and hugs to you all in blogland--

and thanks ever so much for stopping by and reading ANYTHING. I am humbled by your sharing your time with me.


A Fairy-Garden Fifteenth Party

 We had C's 15th bday party a week before her birthday this year, as her birthday and the weekend after it were scheduled to the hilt--she finally settled on(or "okayed")a fairy garden theme. Fairies because she likes the idea of mini characters (and they wear flowery dresses), and garden because she eats, sleeps, and breathes plants at this point.

I found these cute cupcake toppers at TJ Maxx. There were four different figures, and the girls named them after themselves and their best-ever friend.
The focus was fuzzy, but you can see how adorably they are detailed with their little tulle skirts and different hairstyles.

 We decorated the table with our fairy garden residents and flowers, of course. C had just stocked up on mini roses in these cute urns after Valentine's Day, on clearance.  Her amaryllis from post-Christmas clearance also just happened to be in bloom for her birthday! (That makes me smile!)

Of course, the lemon cupcakes were put on the bouncy tower, and they look sweet with all her plants.

Almost magical!
Prepped pretty party favors.

A sweet tussy-mussy from her cousin.
The smallest guest seemed to enjoy herself.

Big sister did too.
Two of my favorite people. 
Two more!
C even dressed like a gift.
She received two apple trees for her birthday, along with tickets to a concert and a cartfull(literally)of smaller plants for her garden.

It was a fun and happy day.


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