Monday, March 19, 2012

 Spring has BEEN here awhile now! I thought I'd show you the traditional blooming pictures. :)
 Pansies. Sadly, they will be finished soon.
 C's bench area.
 Apple blossoms!

 Uhm, Redhead and a dog in a wagon--not blooming, but beautiful!
 My little golfer. Not sure what's going on with the shovel! Lol. Maybe I need to get off the blog and pay more attention to these children!
 Apple blossoms and oak pollen against the blue, blue sky.
White spider lilies about to pop open. 

Of course, all these pictures were about two weeks ago! Since then, the spider lilies have begun blooming in earnest, the oak trees are in FULL leaf, and the black cherry has set its tiny little fruit. At this rate, we ought to have summer harvest by May! :)

I took some pictures of just how GREEN my backyard was last week:
 C's bearded iris--first one to open!
 See how green the back was after all the rain last week?

 More green with some nice shadows.
 This year C decided to try trench gardening--after all the rain, she found this happy little guy in one of her trenches!
 The "tree of trees" has leafed out completely. So beautiful.

And that's the outdoor update from our little patch of green!



Lynn said...

Oh, April, love LOVE the garden pictures! Some day my ship will come in, in the form of a cottage garden. :)


April said...

Thank you, Lynn! My little garden is totally complementary of my little garden-ER, the C-girl! I'd have nothing if not for her experimental beds and methods all over the place. It's always interesting!
I'm not a true gardener like YOU! :)