Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Just a quick Hello!

Hello Friends--

I wanted you to know we're still HERE in our little damp swamp spot--we had major rain the last couple of days, and now it seems the icky sticky weather may be here for the SEASON
(that would be till, maybe, November!). 
Happy time change, right? 

Things outside are thriving--buds and blooms and bugs to boot.

I have at least a dozen projects swirling in my head, but trying to get anything DONE is akin to nailing jello to the wall--I need to pin things down before I forget it ALL and accomplish nothing!

Meanwhile, it's a special week here--starting with St. Patrick's Day, then celebrating the "A met B" day when I met my hubby, followed closely by our wedding anniversary, and then(not to be too excited) my birthday! It seems I disappear from blogging around this time each year, but I will TRY not to this time, because we just have too much fun NOT to share.

I hope that Spring is on her way where you are!

Happy Tuesday!

Speaking of Springtime Sunshine, isn't she a DOLL? (My new niece!)


Loretta said...

I was going to comment on everything, but when I saw this beautiful baby, I forgot about it all! Oh, she is the cutest April! Hugs Loretta

no spring chicken said...

I want a new niece... or a grandbaby... especially a grandbaby! She's absolutely precious with that rosebud mouth. :)

Blessings, Debbie