Friday, March 16, 2012

Something Sweet

I tried to make one, just to see if I could.

You know a year ago we took a crochet class, and while my dear friend/teacher DID teach us to read a pattern, for me they are much like RECIPES. . . .

good as a jumping-off place.  
Real understanding comes from DOING.

So I used part of a pattern, and read another couple. Stitched awhile, pulled out what I had done.
Changed yarn and hook, started over.

This sweet one is going to my sweet niece for Easter:
Baby's first doll...
Bow well stitched-on, flower TIGHTLY attached.

Now working on making one SMALLER. Actually seeing if I can WRITE the pattern this time.

I stitch and count and write and repeat....

More to come!



Loretta said...

She's the colors! Great job April! Hugs

no spring chicken said...

It's precious! I have a good feeling. :)

Blessings, Debbie