Monday, April 30, 2012

Just a Little Rearrange

I spent this morning taking a few pictures of what I spent yesterday evening doing--it started with clearing off the mantel, which led to all that stuff landing on the table.

Then I had been inspired by one of my decorating books the night before, having seen a gorgeous blue and white kitchen with a row of sweet little creamers lined up in the window. I love blue and white, and creamers. So I came up with this for the mantel.

My girls were horrified when they saw the teapots on the candle stand. Don't worry. They're hot glued! :) Noname will NOT be able to knock them off with her clumsy flying efforts(I think.)!

Of course, I was SUPPOSED to be cleaning the family room and the school room while I was playing with this stuff.

But sometimes I just find that finishing something I want to do makes all the difference when I have to get back to what I must do. It's nice to have that option from time to time.

I also pulled together a little vignette on the one cleared surface in my very messy bedroom. I thought it was sweet!

I hope your day is simply beautiful.
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Friday, April 27, 2012

A Day in the Life...

 I seem to have fallen off the posting wagon, so in order to get myself back ON, I thought I may as well just pull recent pictures and MAKE myself write something! Truthfully, it has been a difficult month or so for me emotionally. I don't know if seasonal allergies play a part in making a girl feel "down" and downright LAZY, but that's what I'm blaming it on...added to that, a birthday, an anniversary, multiple new responsibilities on the horizon(my hubby has agreed to take a significant volunteer position with a local group, and we just don't know what the task even really looks like yet), and most recently receiving notice that he has just under one month before being laid off from his job...but if I look back at my journals/posts for this time of year, I always get a little March Hare Madness going on around this time. It simply MUST be the POLLEN! :)

It has made it hard to post because finding something in my swirling thoughts to nail down in print is just too, the pictures.
The Boy hardly ever slows down these days. We don't have a baby anymore! :)

I was cooking dinner last night when I saw the chickens(an endless source of fun!)having a political rally in the front yard--the "big girls" had encroached on the scratching territory of the "uglies" and the baby silkies, and I was ready for a showdown when I ran out with the camera. There was no showdown, only cuteness and much fluffing. They were all enjoying the cool evening.

The "big girls" by the front walk.

The Silkies in their playpen.

The "Uglies" hiding in the Louisiana Iris by the front steps.

The front flower bed has really liked this spring! Yarrow and Mx Primrose are flourishing.

 The white rose by the driveway is doing well.
I thought the neighborhood ducks might come by to visit, but they had found a happy puddle elsewhere.
 They are the funniest creatures!

C's lasagna bed off the front porch is doing REALLY well. She just plants and plants there, and everything enjoys that spot!
 She left the ornamental kale to flower, and it has been surrounded by a happy purple-flowered weed and the chocolate mint. 
 Happy red geraniums backed by Siberian iris and lemon balm.
 Petunias in a strawberry pot.
 The butterfly bush never died back this winter, and it has just started really blooming.
 The 25-cent mums are thriving; amazing how they PERFECTLY match the butterfly bush!

Louisiana Iris
Even the weeds lend their best appearances to her garden.
My crew on their way home! They were sure moving QUICKLY!

I wanted to share one more cute thing with you. The top picture in this post is the fruit on our black cherry tree, which is ripening now. The kids have been climbing up to pick the tiny fruits, hoping to beat the wild birds to them.(No luck there!)
The Redhead was picking yesterday, and I thought it was hilarious that the CAT was keeping her company--
I have to think there aren't many cats who would willingly do this! I'm not sure if she got up there on her own accord, or if she was pressured into it!
These crazy critters and too-quickly-growing people keep me going...

Blessings, every single one.

Hope your day is lovely.


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

When Your Life is Really Wrecky

(click the link to visit and read this post)

This was such good encouragement, I had to pass it on. As moms and wives, especially, there are just THOSE days when it all seems so invisible. Those are the times I need to remember that it is the Lord Jesus Christ who I serve--and He is worth it!

I hope you are as blessed by this post as I was!


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Four dresses, Five days

Wow! I fell off the planet again, didn't I? How time FLIES! Last week, especially, it seemed like every fifteen minutes the clock would chime another hour--it was the quickest week I've EVER experienced! Do you ever have times like that?

My three girls and our two best friends had tickets this past weekend to the Celtic Woman concert in Baton Rouge--we bought the tickets in December and gave them for an early birthday present to C, as her friend got tickets for Christmas. As you can imagine, the excitement had PLENTY of time to build, including my girls putting together a concert they did for their grandparents when their mamaw was recovering from knee surgery recently. *smile* They know every word of every. single. song....

Soooo, a very special event requires a very special outfit, and because I despise clothing shopping, or maybe because I didn't have ENOUGH to do this last week, we decided at the last possible minute(and no one in her right mind would have taken on this project, I am sure!)to MAKE "Jane Austen style" dresses for the girls to wear to the concert.(The girls have been clamoring for "old" dresses for months, and this seemed the perfect opportunity, except for the TIME factor!)
They even looked up hairstyles and had SO much fun helping each other!

Mind you, it was THEIR decision. They picked the pattern. All I did in that part of the process was print out the Hobby Lobby coupon and fork over the credit card for STUFF....lots and lots of stuff.

The crazy part? I couldn't get started over Easter weekend. Could NOT make myself cut out the pattern we STARTED sewing on Tuesday of last week!
We met up with two friends at the concert.

I think bedtimes were 12:30; 1:30; 2:30; 2:30; and 2:00 last week, and then I was literally sewing the final bodice-to-skirt seam in the last dress at 2:00 on Sunday(the concert was at 5:00). My night-owl, C, was up with me every minute of it, too. She was invaluable help! I think SHE learned a LOT!
And I enjoyed the time with her. :)

The girls looked beautiful, loved the concert, and just enjoyed being together. My friend and I couldn't quite decide if we wanted to watch the concert, or watch our girls watching! They were so sweet. Fun times, fun memories.

Old-fashioned beauty!

She was SO happy! 
I just loved the vintagey yo-yo hair clips they ended up using!
Her dress had to be DIFFERENT!

This one always, always smiles. 

I hope that we also LEARNED something to improve our sewing and anti-procrastination skills during the process. *smile*

Happy Day to YOU!


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Thank you ladies for hosting lovely parties each week!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Three Days In March and a Birthday

Well, I did exactly what I said I would NOT do--dropped out of blogland for weeks on end it seems, just at one of the most FUN parts of our year!

Today is my birthday, and I supposed that a post might be a good thing. :)

There are no BIG plans, but if I get to go to my bestie's house and visit over coffee awhile, I'll be one happy girl, and my hubby is OFF the rest of the week from work, so that can't be bad either, can it? We may even see my parents again for Easter, and I was able to spend two days with them--get this--AND with MY BROTHER last week. Here are some pictures from the trip:
Mom had clipped all these gorgeous roses from her yard for a centerpiece on the dining table. 
Doesn't that just shout "JOY!"?

This beautiful bud is on the rose bush Dad bought me for my 16th birthday--22 years ago!
It's just thriving more each year.

Of course, the main REASON for my trip was to see my brother; it had been 27 MONTHS--I hadn't seen him since their first child was born, and they now have TWO! His dog, Wilco, who lives with Mom and Dad, was SO HAPPY to see him(not sure if he or I was happier, actually!).
He loves to go on rides... as does Coleman.

A muddy jeep from being stuck in the woods:

Getting it out involved Dad's tractor--quite the fun adventure.
That Mississippi mud is something to reckon with!

Another "happy dog" shot:

or two!

We had a marathon Scrabble game, stayed up till four a.m. visiting(getting TOO OLD for THAT, OFFICIALLY!), bought two more baby chicks(Uncles! whatcha' gonna' DO with 'em?), played with a SNAKE....
This is the brother I know and LOVE! 

Just a little garter snake. He tried to convince me to bring it HOME, but we already have one in C's flowerbed, and it provides QUITE enough goosebumps, rather often, thank you!

The Boy was QUITE interested in it, though! Uncles are GOOD FOR BOYS.
Grandaddies are too.
 Three generations of "Cole". 

Here's the whole crew.

As you can see, there was a LOT of silliness going on. 

It was such a fun visit, and could ONLY have been better if his two sweet babies and fun, lovely wife had been with us too.(and my hubby, who was working!)
 My "little" brother and me. We look like our mom and dad more every day!

Over the weekend, three of my crew did a cross-country race. 

It was C and The Boy's first race; they trained for three weeks with their Dad. 

B actually WON; The Boy came in 2nd in his age group(8th overall); and C, well, we will just say that she was VERY happy to WALK through the woods and pick plants to bring 
Gardeners apparently DON'T RUN.(But she DID finish!)

It was a buggy, MUDDY, interesting, much-relieved-to-get-home-and-shower kind of day.
The little guy is FAST--and determined! 

Meanwhile, I've done NO decorating for Easter, other than pulling out my pink egg tray to hold the "easter egger" green eggs that come in each day. One of our Barred Rocks also lays a pinkish-toned egg, and I find them altogether beautiful all by themselves!

We MAY get some more pretty stuff going tomorrow, but I'm not sure.

It will be great to have hubby home for a few days. I always manage to do more around the house when he's here to encourage me(and maybe to help distract direct the kids.)
Some of the week's list:
Seal the deck.
Stain the new fence section.
Finish organizing our closet.
Reclaim the upstairs, lest it be condemned.
Paint the GW boutique cabinet.
Organize the school room.
Move furniture a little.
Wash windows.

Oh, and did I mention that my dishwasher is dead?

Sounds like fun? Tell me it is! lol.

I also need to organize/clean/rearrange my craft area so we can spend the NEXT week on an intensive sewing project for the girls!

What do you do during spring break?