Friday, April 27, 2012

A Day in the Life...

 I seem to have fallen off the posting wagon, so in order to get myself back ON, I thought I may as well just pull recent pictures and MAKE myself write something! Truthfully, it has been a difficult month or so for me emotionally. I don't know if seasonal allergies play a part in making a girl feel "down" and downright LAZY, but that's what I'm blaming it on...added to that, a birthday, an anniversary, multiple new responsibilities on the horizon(my hubby has agreed to take a significant volunteer position with a local group, and we just don't know what the task even really looks like yet), and most recently receiving notice that he has just under one month before being laid off from his job...but if I look back at my journals/posts for this time of year, I always get a little March Hare Madness going on around this time. It simply MUST be the POLLEN! :)

It has made it hard to post because finding something in my swirling thoughts to nail down in print is just too, the pictures.
The Boy hardly ever slows down these days. We don't have a baby anymore! :)

I was cooking dinner last night when I saw the chickens(an endless source of fun!)having a political rally in the front yard--the "big girls" had encroached on the scratching territory of the "uglies" and the baby silkies, and I was ready for a showdown when I ran out with the camera. There was no showdown, only cuteness and much fluffing. They were all enjoying the cool evening.

The "big girls" by the front walk.

The Silkies in their playpen.

The "Uglies" hiding in the Louisiana Iris by the front steps.

The front flower bed has really liked this spring! Yarrow and Mx Primrose are flourishing.

 The white rose by the driveway is doing well.
I thought the neighborhood ducks might come by to visit, but they had found a happy puddle elsewhere.
 They are the funniest creatures!

C's lasagna bed off the front porch is doing REALLY well. She just plants and plants there, and everything enjoys that spot!
 She left the ornamental kale to flower, and it has been surrounded by a happy purple-flowered weed and the chocolate mint. 
 Happy red geraniums backed by Siberian iris and lemon balm.
 Petunias in a strawberry pot.
 The butterfly bush never died back this winter, and it has just started really blooming.
 The 25-cent mums are thriving; amazing how they PERFECTLY match the butterfly bush!

Louisiana Iris
Even the weeds lend their best appearances to her garden.
My crew on their way home! They were sure moving QUICKLY!

I wanted to share one more cute thing with you. The top picture in this post is the fruit on our black cherry tree, which is ripening now. The kids have been climbing up to pick the tiny fruits, hoping to beat the wild birds to them.(No luck there!)
The Redhead was picking yesterday, and I thought it was hilarious that the CAT was keeping her company--
I have to think there aren't many cats who would willingly do this! I'm not sure if she got up there on her own accord, or if she was pressured into it!
These crazy critters and too-quickly-growing people keep me going...

Blessings, every single one.

Hope your day is lovely.



Lynn at Cottage and Creek said...

I understand your blog "blahs", April. I'm right there with you. A few weeks ago I got to the point where it was so much work to post that I just "unplugged" for awhile. I appreciate that you noticed I was gone :) I'm sorry about your hubby getting laid off. That must be really tough. But as we know, God will provide and often exceeds in His bountifully abundant favor. Your pictures are so cute, especially of your daughter and the cat. Too cute. Have a nice weekend and don't fret about the blog obligation. I'm trying to be free and just let the Lord lead.

Michelle said...

Oh wow what a crazy time for you all! Best wishes with all of the changes.

Those flowers are gorgeous. I'm loving this spring but hating the allergies too!!!

Barry said...

Great post!