Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Three Days In March and a Birthday

Well, I did exactly what I said I would NOT do--dropped out of blogland for weeks on end it seems, just at one of the most FUN parts of our year!

Today is my birthday, and I supposed that a post might be a good thing. :)

There are no BIG plans, but if I get to go to my bestie's house and visit over coffee awhile, I'll be one happy girl, and my hubby is OFF the rest of the week from work, so that can't be bad either, can it? We may even see my parents again for Easter, and I was able to spend two days with them--get this--AND with MY BROTHER last week. Here are some pictures from the trip:
Mom had clipped all these gorgeous roses from her yard for a centerpiece on the dining table. 
Doesn't that just shout "JOY!"?

This beautiful bud is on the rose bush Dad bought me for my 16th birthday--22 years ago!
It's just thriving more each year.

Of course, the main REASON for my trip was to see my brother; it had been 27 MONTHS--I hadn't seen him since their first child was born, and they now have TWO! His dog, Wilco, who lives with Mom and Dad, was SO HAPPY to see him(not sure if he or I was happier, actually!).
He loves to go on rides... as does Coleman.

A muddy jeep from being stuck in the woods:

Getting it out involved Dad's tractor--quite the fun adventure.
That Mississippi mud is something to reckon with!

Another "happy dog" shot:

or two!

We had a marathon Scrabble game, stayed up till four a.m. visiting(getting TOO OLD for THAT, OFFICIALLY!), bought two more baby chicks(Uncles! whatcha' gonna' DO with 'em?), played with a SNAKE....
This is the brother I know and LOVE! 

Just a little garter snake. He tried to convince me to bring it HOME, but we already have one in C's flowerbed, and it provides QUITE enough goosebumps, rather often, thank you!

The Boy was QUITE interested in it, though! Uncles are GOOD FOR BOYS.
Grandaddies are too.
 Three generations of "Cole". 

Here's the whole crew.

As you can see, there was a LOT of silliness going on. 

It was such a fun visit, and could ONLY have been better if his two sweet babies and fun, lovely wife had been with us too.(and my hubby, who was working!)
 My "little" brother and me. We look like our mom and dad more every day!

Over the weekend, three of my crew did a cross-country race. 

It was C and The Boy's first race; they trained for three weeks with their Dad. 

B actually WON; The Boy came in 2nd in his age group(8th overall); and C, well, we will just say that she was VERY happy to WALK through the woods and pick plants to bring home....lol. 
Gardeners apparently DON'T RUN.(But she DID finish!)

It was a buggy, MUDDY, interesting, much-relieved-to-get-home-and-shower kind of day.
The little guy is FAST--and determined! 

Meanwhile, I've done NO decorating for Easter, other than pulling out my pink egg tray to hold the "easter egger" green eggs that come in each day. One of our Barred Rocks also lays a pinkish-toned egg, and I find them altogether beautiful all by themselves!

We MAY get some more pretty stuff going tomorrow, but I'm not sure.

It will be great to have hubby home for a few days. I always manage to do more around the house when he's here to encourage me(and maybe to help distract direct the kids.)
Some of the week's list:
Seal the deck.
Stain the new fence section.
Finish organizing our closet.
Reclaim the upstairs, lest it be condemned.
Paint the GW boutique cabinet.
Organize the school room.
Move furniture a little.
Wash windows.

Oh, and did I mention that my dishwasher is dead?

Sounds like fun? Tell me it is! lol.

I also need to organize/clean/rearrange my craft area so we can spend the NEXT week on an intensive sewing project for the girls!

What do you do during spring break?



rubyslipperz said...

April, that was very fun to share your great family adventures thru your blog! thanks for posting!


Catie D. said...

As R-O-S-E would say, happy burtlay!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh I am late in wishing you a Happy Birthday...but not to late to wish you a beautiful year.

Looks like it was a beautiful day.

Have a wonderful Easter weekend my friend!