Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Few Updates

I have spent most of the last week and this week cleaning. Really, really CLEANING. We took stacks of boxes out of my room(why is that the place where stuff needing a home always ends up?)
I couldn't believe how different the room felt just walking IN after we moved that stack of boxes from BEHIND THE DOOR.(so apparently "out of sight, out of mind" does NOT hold true always.)

At some point, my craft area--which is clearly seen from the kitchen, as it is *supposed to be* the breakfast room--got slightly out of hand. *cough, cough*
I know for certain it was the week we made dresses, or maybe Christmas(yes, Christmas!) contributed to it. Then I had the need to "seal off" the area to keep a couple of "little" guests out of the hazardous spots posed by needles, scissors, and craft blades--thus, the oddly placed cedar chest and bookshelf. I just haven't gotten in there and re-organized(why does everything always need to be REorganized?)in quite some time. I did have it looking all spic-and-span at one point!

On the other hand, the school room is shaping up nicely.  We took my grandmother's table apart--that is, took the hardware holding the two halves together OFF the bottom, so now it looks like this:
Each half has three legs, and is the perfect scale(45x28 inches)for a writing or computer desk. This is the SCHOOLROOM computer desk, and my rolling cart, plus the FILE CABINET that was formerly in my room. A lovely view out the side windows to see the flowers and the chickens. *smile*
I also moved the workboxes shelf, and that stack of boxes to the right is part of the stack--containing school hand-me-downs--that were behind my bedroom door. The plan is to put the easel white board across that corner, using the space wisely and somewhat screening the stack. At least the school stuff and files are now IN THE SCHOOLROOM. (The "like with like" concept is apparently harder to grasp than I give my kids credit for!)

Of course, while rearranging and dusting and standing and staring, a family works up an appetite. We tried our hand at calzones last week. 
They were pretty yummilicious, if I am allowed to say that about my own cooking!

And, of course, no rearrange is rewarding or complete without the accompanying "cutesifying" that has to happen. This is the plate rack in the kitchen's new look.
I draped a very worn vintage apron across the top, hoping to keep sweet little Lola from resting there(her favorite spot, but I don't like her near my dishes). Unfortunately, I think she was just thankful I had "upholstered" her favorite perch to make it more comfy! She will have to be shooed off till she learns she can't sit there anymore.
The back view--from the craft area. Soon this will be the view from my desk(the other half of my grandmother's table).

I love the light shining through the slats of the plate rack. It glows!

So that's most of my week--hubby is home, on the job search. We have been running the roads quite a bit, doing errands, a field trip, visits with friends. It's good to have him home a bit(he comes in handy when moving furniture!). 

Hope your Memorial Day weekend is bright and cheerful.


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Michelle said...

We're decluttering here. I have stacks of boxes ready to be hauled out of here, and I'll hit the cleaning and reorganizing later next month. I love the light through that plate rack too!

Have a wonderful day! :)