Monday, July 23, 2012

A 4th Birthday

Saturday I had the joy of attending and helping my dear friend with her baby girl's FOURTH birthday party. It is so hard to believe Miss Rose is already four!

I just love little feet!

 Craft time was making a picture frame.

They glued buttons onto popsicle-stick frames, and each girl left with a picture of herself and the birthday friend for the refrigerator. Big Sister had preassembled, painted, and placed magnets on the frames already; with such a young age group, that was a lifesaver.

 They were ALL excited about opening presents...


 Close your eyes, make a wish,
 BLOW out the candles!

 There was cake....her mom made it! The buttons are marshmallow fondant--each made with love!
 AND there were cupcakes(my favorite).
(Shown life size!) *smile*
They also made candy bracelets or necklaces.

Big Sister made a "pin the eyes on the Loopsy" game.

They played and played.
In the pink playhouse.

With the new doctor kit.
 This one was a cutie-bug for sure--such serious eyes. She played SO hard the entire time.

Big sister and the other older girls had fun too...

 It was funny to me that the big girls got in on the excitement, opening and "setting up" the new Lalaloopsy dolls' house for the littles....yeah, right!

 She was all played out by the end of the day, but I think she had a good time!

Happy Birthday, Miss Rose! 


Saturday, July 21, 2012

Trip to Audubon Aquarium of the Americas

I find it hard to believe that it has already been a week since we rented a SUV and loaded up my kids and my hubby's parents and went to New Orleans for a day trip. We have been wanting to take the kids for a long(long!)time now, and I think it was a fun day worth waiting for.

 The lighting in the tunnel was fun--the camera had a hard time catching up with the kids, though.
  HAPPY SMILE on my C-girl. She's totally in her element with all these tanks, fish, and plants.

 C-girl and I in the Discus tank. . . .
 They didn't seem to mind too much. Aren't they gorgeous?

 This penguin was posing. 
 The Boy was too--with the hammerheads.
 There were scores of budgies.
 And more budgies....
 And happy girls...
 And pretty budgies!

 The sign didn't say, but I think this may be "the cowardly lion fish".
 The clown fish exhibit was very pretty--love the COLORS!

 A seemingly happy sea turtle--see the smile? 

It was a hot and humid day by the Mississippi River.

 A perfect day for snow balls!

It was a blessing to spend a fun day out with three generations. We made some happy memories!


Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Fabric Birthday Banner or Two

I spent the evening delightfully employed, listening to "The Enchanted April" on Audiobooks, and making this wonderfully FUN but simple and no-measurements-requiring(oh, SO fun!) garland for my dear friend's little girl's 4th birthday party.

She is celebrating in the theme of the Lalaloopsy dolls this year--cute little rag dolls with button eyes. The garland was her mom's idea.  I think it's fun that they might be construed as increasing little girls' interests in handicrafts! *smile*
I had so much fun on the "big" garland that I made another, which should be just right to circle on the tabletop around the cake stand.

It was so refreshing to cut tons of strips of fabric without worrying about width or length, and then to tie them on without thinking too hard about symmetry and placement!

 Then, at the end, to have something so bright and fun to hang and enjoy while thinking of the fun it will add to a special birthday celebration.

What easy crafts have you enjoyed lately?


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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Craft Area Re-do Reveal--The Grand Rearrange, cont'd.

I hope you all enjoyed your Independence Day celebration! We had a day at home with friends and (some)family. It was nice to be home though I would also have enjoyed being with my brother and his family on his birthday!

I thought I'd share the pictures I took a couple of weeks ago of my newly-organized and rearranged craft area. It was only "clean" for approximately two minutes, so I had to "snap" fast! 

 Here is one pretty "blue girl" rose that my J picked for me, posy-ing in a vintage mini pottery pitcher set on a single, lonely bone china saucer on my desk. The roses are hanging on in the heat this year; usually they fade back and wait for fall's cooler temperatures. I've been very pleased at their persistence.

 Here's the dollhouse corner; it sits to the right of my desk--which you can see in the corner of the picture. I'm not thrilled with how FULL the area is, but it has the odd angles of the bay window seat to counter, and I AM thankful for all the windows. The many windows make wall hanging plates the PERFECT decorative option in this space.

The Grand Rearrange required some creative moving and repurposing. My sweet little vanity table was overlooked and lost in my bedroom, so I moved it, cleaned out the four little drawers, and now it holds my sewing machine.
 Here it is.
 I just love this little dress form and my jars of OLD sewing things...the tall one contains notions from my Mawmaw's sewing box, and the shorter one contains cotton quilt batting from a quilt that was on my Pawpaw's mother's bed. How's THAT for hard to follow? :)

My old Brother sewing machine is now OUT where I can USE it easily!  In the background you can see how this area adjoins the kitchen. That's the back of the kitchen sink area.

 The chandy got some new danglies. I have since added some old silver tea things to the mix.

 The top of the big cabinet still holds tons of things--it has to if everything is going to FIT in this small corner of the house!
 More vintage toys and dolls on the cabinet.
 I found this sweet little cabinet for my desk top at Hobby Lobby on clearance the weekend I was working on this area. It was perfect to store some pretties and add some height to my desk-scape.
 I filled it with a tiny little calligraphy set, some of my key collection, a couple of clocks--one new, one OLD, a heart trinket box from my daddy, and a couple of other small pieces. They all kind of go together, somehow.

 Of course, with Midsummer well nigh, one simply MUST have a fairyscape somewhere. We never got around to planting up an outside fairy garden, and now the heat has reached triple digits, so we have to make do INSIDE. We decked out one of the windowsills with some of our fairy pretties.

 One more view of the sewing table....

 Since these pictures were taken I have begun sorting bins of fabric and wiring my dollhouse for electricity. Fun, fun, but nothing neat about it! The good news is that I found some more fun things at GW Boutique last week to add to the I will have some incentive to get the mess cleaned up relatively SOON--maybe then I'll remember to show you the whole area in one shot!

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We are busy, busy the next couple of weeks--I do hope to do some blog visiting, but may not get to put new posts up during that time.
Enjoy JULY--it will be back to school time SOON!
Thanks so much for stopping by.