Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hurricane Ready

Since the news can only talk about just-recently-become-hurricane Isaac, we have spent yesterday and today getting ready.

Power outages for DAYS after a storm are not uncommon. 
"Genny" is all ready to go!

The pool is covered to keep out all manner of debris from the nearby white oak and pines.

The newer chicken coop took cover under the tree house just to provide more shelter for the younger hens.

Rain barrels have been emptied and hoses attached with the valves set to "open". They are for erosion control more than rainwater collection(we get 60" or more of rain a year here).

Supplies laid in--including disposables which sure do make life easier when there's no power.

Frozen blocks of water in the freezers to ward off meltdown as long as possible. The ice cream has since been eaten, as well. It doesn't survive power outages well, anyway!

Porch furniture upended to help keep it from blowing away--if the storm were stronger, we would have even taken down the pendant lights and the porch swing.

This is a funny one: goodies baked. At least one MUST contain chocolate chips; I've seen several choco-chip cookie batches done by friends on Facebook; this is a chocolate chip sour cream pound cake. I also baked a vanilla pound cake; it will be wonderful with defrosted berries that are happily waiting in the freezer right now. :)

We had sweet potato fries last night--I sprinkled them with a tiny bit of salt and cinnamon sugar; combined with their natural sweetness and the faint hint of coconut oil I used for frying, WOW!
C-girl grew them herself. These two weighed in at about five pounds! In the background you see all the containers of drinking water we've collected. We don't usually lose water service, but it has happened, so we take pains to have enough ready.

And finally, that's where we are, right on the red line. 
I am likely to be off-line for a few days.(Understatement!)

The Lord bless and keep you!


Saturday, August 25, 2012

Three Days at the Beach

We were blessed to be able to go for three nights to Destin, Florida this week.
The day we got there, the kids couldn't get to the beach quickly enough.
 I made them slow down for a family picture. 
 Of course, the light was so pretty, I had to bother them again and again!
 Beautiful sunset first night.

 First full day--morning. I love these pictures of the kids looking like they LIKE and may want to actually HELP each other!

 Seashells with the Redhead.

All smiles. 

 One of my favorite things is watching the waves...
 waiting for that moment when they race across...
 and finally meet. I call it "clapping". 

 The water was SO clear--beautiful!

 Happy little sandpiper.  Very busy little critter.
 In action!

 A gull of a different color.
 Looks like her MOTHER!
 Young man and the sea.
 A little wave football--they played FOREVER.
 Pretty girl.
 Silly girl!
 Beautiful sunset night two.
 Great catch!
 My two favorite guys.

 Tired and happy. I love the beach!

Have you been anywhere wonderful this summer?


Monday, August 20, 2012

Another Big Day--the Redhead is TWELVE.

Friday was the Redhead's birthday--again! It seems like I just did a birthday post for her. What a quick year!
She turned TWELVE. *sniff* my BABY girl!

She started the day with her request--Dutch baby--for breakfast. It turned out extra bubbled and browned for her special day.

A little later she went out with her Mawmaw J and had lunch and a tiny bit of shopping. Then she met us at the church where we were doing things like this: 

 Readying "thank you " gifts to ladies who were helping us with various very important roles at our local homeschooling organization's start-the-year Kick Off event. The double-wall acrylic tumblers were filled with paper fluff and chocolates, then packed up into little gift bags with lots of polka dotted ribbon.  
We spent the evening moving tables and chairs and just generally getting set up...but there was time for this:
 A sweet spot in the evening, shared with old and new friends! 

This was the LEAST traditional birthday my sweet girl has ever had. She took it well, living up to the grace that is her namesake!(Which makes this Mama kind of proud.)

We love you, Redhead girl!