Monday, August 20, 2012

Another Big Day--the Redhead is TWELVE.

Friday was the Redhead's birthday--again! It seems like I just did a birthday post for her. What a quick year!
She turned TWELVE. *sniff* my BABY girl!

She started the day with her request--Dutch baby--for breakfast. It turned out extra bubbled and browned for her special day.

A little later she went out with her Mawmaw J and had lunch and a tiny bit of shopping. Then she met us at the church where we were doing things like this: 

 Readying "thank you " gifts to ladies who were helping us with various very important roles at our local homeschooling organization's start-the-year Kick Off event. The double-wall acrylic tumblers were filled with paper fluff and chocolates, then packed up into little gift bags with lots of polka dotted ribbon.  
We spent the evening moving tables and chairs and just generally getting set up...but there was time for this:
 A sweet spot in the evening, shared with old and new friends! 

This was the LEAST traditional birthday my sweet girl has ever had. She took it well, living up to the grace that is her namesake!(Which makes this Mama kind of proud.)

We love you, Redhead girl!


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Shelley Smith said...

Ok, I have to know what Dutch baby is because it looks too wonderful! Also happy birthday to your sweet beautiful redhead! ~Shelley