Thursday, August 9, 2012

First Day of School

Tuesday began our new school year in earnest. It marks the beginning of something really totally new for our family--we are participating in an organized, OFFICIAL homeschooling group this year. The kind you pay to join. The type where you are committed to be there to TEACH each week. The one with HOMEWORK set for the other four days each week. The one that will BE SCHOOL for the whole family for the year. The one it has taken me THREE YEARS to get the nerve to try...

Actually, J is the only one who started this week.

 NEXT week, C-girl starts her classes--and her Daddy will be her tutor, which means the Latin, Economics, Government, Literature/Composition, and ALGEBRA will need to be studied and drilled and learned in an all-new very intense way. 

It has nothing at all to do with CC, but it's a fun picture, anyway!

The week after that, the younger two begin their classes. The Boy is excited and doesn't want to wait two more weeks.

The Redhead is not so sure. She gets her "homebodyness" from her mother.*smile*
She would rather spend her time at home making parties for this friend.

 Or perhaps spending lots of time giving tummy rubs to THIS friend.
Then, there are these critters to keep in line. She is very happy being busy at home, as I am. The weekly commitment and involvement will be a stretching and learning time for both of us, for sure.

But good DOES come from challenging times. 

For instance, J is working HARD every day. Already.

One of the things that attracted us to the program is the self-starting, work-independently encouragement that it embodies.

C-girl will be finishing up her summer Omnibus class at the end of August. That's been meeting online four days a week for three solid hours. She thrives on the challenge of the work.

After Labor Day, in addition to CC, she will begin taking Omnibus V and a composition class online. School is becoming what we DO. 

I'm so glad for the opportunities. One of the best things about home education is that we ALL get to continue learning and growing TOGETHER.

Happy Back-to-School to you!



macoyfamily said...

So happy to see your adventures and the different ways of learning!! My teaching skills this yr involve a 7th, a 6th, a 5th , a 1st/2nd and kindergarten... It shall be very interesting indeed!

Gabrielle said...

I've heard great things about Classical Conversations. I hope you guys enjoy it. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

CH 1 and Omnibus V....oh my!
grace and peace to you this year.
it's going to be quite an adventure :)

~ tonja

Michelle said...

Hope you all have a great year!!!!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

What an absolutely lovely family you have. You are raising a truly wonderful next generation.