Saturday, August 25, 2012

Three Days at the Beach

We were blessed to be able to go for three nights to Destin, Florida this week.
The day we got there, the kids couldn't get to the beach quickly enough.
 I made them slow down for a family picture. 
 Of course, the light was so pretty, I had to bother them again and again!
 Beautiful sunset first night.

 First full day--morning. I love these pictures of the kids looking like they LIKE and may want to actually HELP each other!

 Seashells with the Redhead.

All smiles. 

 One of my favorite things is watching the waves...
 waiting for that moment when they race across...
 and finally meet. I call it "clapping". 

 The water was SO clear--beautiful!

 Happy little sandpiper.  Very busy little critter.
 In action!

 A gull of a different color.
 Looks like her MOTHER!
 Young man and the sea.
 A little wave football--they played FOREVER.
 Pretty girl.
 Silly girl!
 Beautiful sunset night two.
 Great catch!
 My two favorite guys.

 Tired and happy. I love the beach!

Have you been anywhere wonderful this summer?


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