Saturday, September 29, 2012

Of Bands and Birds and Books

I don't remember if I have mentioned it prior to this, but in light of my husband's lay-off this past summer, we have needed to look for more-frugal-than-normal options in many areas. One of these challenging areas is clothing.  Having observed that denim is, once again, a big trend this fall, we came up with a great way to use one item two ways.

Note the lovely shrug-style jacket C is wearing. 
 A closer look...full-length sleeves ending in cuffs. Looks really nice with a skirt!
 And from the back...
 This is where we're having a bit of difficulty! :)

Please forgive the silliness. It's too bad capris canNOT be used like that, though! 

On another note, C took a six-week literature class online this summer and finished with excellent scores. It just so happened that one of her favorite author's new book released the week after we received her grades. As a sort of "congratulations" we ordered her a signed copy.
 It arrived in the mail...
 Do you think she liked it? 
I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it too! 

And again, on the fashion scene, I give you chickens in head bands. 
 The white silkies have SERIOUS "hair" issues. They cannot SEE through the normal fury of fluff atop their sweet silky noggins, so C once again contrived a solution:  ponytail holders. 
 Satin and Marianne look quite fetching, don't they, with their tresses pulled away from their faces? 
An additional bonus: they can NOW see to eat!
Lovely, lovely little blue-faced birds. And bands. And jean jackets. And books.

Do you have any random things to share, in the spirit of this rambling? :)


Friday, September 28, 2012

A Simple Birthday Celebration

It seems almost impossible to believe, but the Redhead had a birthday nearly six weeks ago now! We found ourselves swamped with details and new beginnings of new responsibilities and routines right about that time, so her party was put on the back burner until it just didn't happen in the customary way. About three weeks ago(I don't understand how we're so busy that I'm three weeks behind on posts!)we were at her grandparents' home, and she had a special little "cake party"--courtesy of Grandmother.

All I will say about this cake is, "It WAS as good as it looks!"


 A wonderful smile.

  Part of the fun this year was lighting her own candles!

I think this is the Grandad-singing-wrong-words look...
 Big sister loves the gift-opening opportunity for new headwear.
Girls never outgrow secrets, apparently!(These two are both "baby girls" in their families!)

Another LATE Happy Birthday to my Redhead, and thanks to MOM for helping celebrate all that specialness!


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tiny Kitty Cat

Hi again!
I clicked over to Coloradolady for her weekly Vintage Thingie Thursday party, and was so surprised to see her sweet post, I had to come back with some quick pictures to share MY little figurine with y'all.

He's nearly identical to Suzanne's, except mine had an ear mishap, apparently.

 I do think they are twins!
 Mine is posing with a super-neat cluster of acorns I picked up after the storm.
I somehow inherited this little kitten from the kitchen of my husband's grandmother. He came alongside the perky rooster you also kind of see in the picture. 

As an aside, can you leave me an opinion? I am wondering how YOU think the pictures look when they are flash-free or flash-on. I kind of like the flash-off tones of the colors, but I know they don't always show true when it's not used. What do you think?

Flash on?

or Flash OFF?

Thanks for hosting, Suzanne! I enjoy your blog so much every time I visit.
Happy Thursday!


I thought you all might be interested to see the follow-up pictures of Hurricane Isaac here--we were SO blessed to be safe and sound and sustain no damage really at all from the storm. Driving around now, we are amazed at the homes that actually flooded and the number of trees that fell. We only dealt with a couple of days with no electricity and some water standing high in the yard. The amount of rainfall was QUITE impressive.
 This is the side view of my yard from my front porch. I think you can see the butterfly bush in the close foreground, and that fence is the pool area fence.
 We were so glad to have moved the chicken coop up onto the front yard slope! They would NOT have been happy hens if they had gone "sailing" around the yard!
 Our road was covered;this is the view toward the other side. Our driveway and our neighbors' across the road were covered. This was taken after it stopped raining on the last day(Thursday).
Our neighbors across the road were REALLY concerned about their house. The water stopped short, thankfully. Their entire yard was flooded for hours.

We had to use the big truck to get home from spending the night at my in-laws' house on Wednesday night. They had portable AC units to run from their generator. :) You can also see the plastic sandbox(chicken playpen?)floated up to the fence. 

There was a LOT of water! We think about 16 inches in our side yard.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for all the sweet well-wishes. Y'all are so kind!

We are very, very thankful. Please keep those who didn't fare so well in your prayers. Many whose homes flooded this time did NOT have flood insurance.