Friday, September 28, 2012

A Simple Birthday Celebration

It seems almost impossible to believe, but the Redhead had a birthday nearly six weeks ago now! We found ourselves swamped with details and new beginnings of new responsibilities and routines right about that time, so her party was put on the back burner until it just didn't happen in the customary way. About three weeks ago(I don't understand how we're so busy that I'm three weeks behind on posts!)we were at her grandparents' home, and she had a special little "cake party"--courtesy of Grandmother.

All I will say about this cake is, "It WAS as good as it looks!"


 A wonderful smile.

  Part of the fun this year was lighting her own candles!

I think this is the Grandad-singing-wrong-words look...
 Big sister loves the gift-opening opportunity for new headwear.
Girls never outgrow secrets, apparently!(These two are both "baby girls" in their families!)

Another LATE Happy Birthday to my Redhead, and thanks to MOM for helping celebrate all that specialness!


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