Saturday, September 29, 2012

Of Bands and Birds and Books

I don't remember if I have mentioned it prior to this, but in light of my husband's lay-off this past summer, we have needed to look for more-frugal-than-normal options in many areas. One of these challenging areas is clothing.  Having observed that denim is, once again, a big trend this fall, we came up with a great way to use one item two ways.

Note the lovely shrug-style jacket C is wearing. 
 A closer look...full-length sleeves ending in cuffs. Looks really nice with a skirt!
 And from the back...
 This is where we're having a bit of difficulty! :)

Please forgive the silliness. It's too bad capris canNOT be used like that, though! 

On another note, C took a six-week literature class online this summer and finished with excellent scores. It just so happened that one of her favorite author's new book released the week after we received her grades. As a sort of "congratulations" we ordered her a signed copy.
 It arrived in the mail...
 Do you think she liked it? 
I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it too! 

And again, on the fashion scene, I give you chickens in head bands. 
 The white silkies have SERIOUS "hair" issues. They cannot SEE through the normal fury of fluff atop their sweet silky noggins, so C once again contrived a solution:  ponytail holders. 
 Satin and Marianne look quite fetching, don't they, with their tresses pulled away from their faces? 
An additional bonus: they can NOW see to eat!
Lovely, lovely little blue-faced birds. And bands. And jean jackets. And books.

Do you have any random things to share, in the spirit of this rambling? :)



Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

LOVE the hair issues and the jacket! :)

Mrs. Cozy Home said...

Oh I love your daughter's face in those photos ;)