Thursday, October 25, 2012

Admittedly, I have fallen behind in my normal decorating-for-autumn this year. However, this week we got into the spirit a bit and made PUMPKINS!
They're so fun.
 And slouchy.
 And easy.
 And QUICK. 
I think I said FUN.

This was a sweater fragment from my felting frenzy a year or so ago.

My favorite. 
From a gorgeous dress that none of the kids could wear because it was too short.
(They're TALL--kids, not pumpkins!)

We recycled last year's pumpkin's stem for it. Isn't it PRETTY?

We will be making more of these!

Happy Fall!


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

There's a place for me....

I have finally finished moving the furniture and mostly getting things put neatly away(neatly put away is NOT the same as organized. I did NOT say they're organized yet!), and wanted to show my cozy front  room corners to you before they get all messed up again in maybe ten seconds. :) I'm sure you know how that goes!  Here is the left side corner, with my little round green table. 
My desire has been to make the "front room" a room for ME for quite some time; it has a great view of the front and side yards(where my chickens free-range during the day!), and it receives so much wonderful morning light. I have loved this room most ever since we moved to this house, so I finally decided that although it may not be perfect--I can't fit  my craft things in here, nor can I manage to get all the school book storage out of here--having a desk for me and some table space in a pretty area would be worth the space sharing for things that can't be moved. So I did it. 

It has, admittedly, been a work in progress all summer and most of the fall as I've worked in snippets around everything else on our schedule. A mom's responsibilities come first and her own personal whims come dead last, usually. That said, it was super sweet of my hubby this evening, taking the kids all on an outing so I could "finish" this room. While he was gone I enjoyed bringing in quite an array of my favorite small AND favorite larger things. This old teapot makes me smile, along with the little chalkware bookends(they're marked "Coventry Ware"--any ideas how old?).

I have my mini book collection in a case on the wall.

Here is my desk corner. We used a bookshelf and a wall bracket to attach a piece of plywood to the wall. I covered it with some of my favorite-fabric-ever. Bright and flowery, with plenty of roses and just enough yellow to make it sunshiny as well!

I received this printer's tray for a shadow box when I was my daughter's age--12, I think. It still holds childhood treasures from my growing-up days, along with some sweet things my kids have given me. 

For now a clementine crate holds desk supplies in assorted containers.

This picture looks cluttered, but it's how things really ARE. Desktops can never be large enough. I have my birthday book out so I can easily know who needs a card while my good writing pen and note cards are also close by. The little ceramic coaster keeps my coffee drips from hitting the fabric topper in the morning!

 This shows you the walls above the desk. I had to use old World Book volumes to lend my monitor a bit of height. That door facing on the right leads to the front door entryway.

Behind the desk to the left is the bookshelf I moved in here most recently. That door leads into the kitchen. I have to admit that having my cookbooks near a comfy chair and yet close to the kitchen is a WONDERFUL arrangement!

Here's the view of the entire front wall from the kitchen door. There is actually a wing chair that will go between the table and desk. Yes, that's a time line we have for school purposes on the upper left of the picture. I suppose I'll just leave it up there, as I am a needful student of history as well!

I hope you enjoyed seeing my little "me" area. I am enjoying it immensely already.

Thanks for stopping by!