Saturday, December 8, 2012

A Little Bit of Louisiana Christmas

We had the annual mother/daughter/grandmother Christmas tea for our local homeschool organization this afternoon. So much yummy food to eat, it was overwhelming! We had a great time to visit and listen to some of the young ladies play their instruments and sing songs of the season. 

We got home just before the sun began to set, then there was more momentary fun....

Grandmother had come to the tea and had left pre-Christmas gifts for the family.

C was glad of her "George Washington curls".

The Boy enjoyed a monster truck and Lego minifigure.

We heard the faint sound of approaching sirens...

We soon saw the entourage arrive.

Is it odd for Santa to visit on a Saturday afternoon two weeks before Christmas?

Riding on a FIRE TRUCK????

The light was beautiful.

And the kids were too.(Hey, I'm their Mom. I can say that!)

We actually woke to heavy, thick FOG the last two mornings.

It's just a Louisiana white Christmas!


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Lynn said...

Hey April! Awwww, your children are indeed lovely!! Love those pictures! There is nothing like having these precious children and raising them up. Before I knew it, my little time like this was up. Nearly. Got a few more years! LOL. And hey, it's a mom's right to stretch that out as long as she wants, right? xoxo Lynn