Monday, December 10, 2012

Secret Santa Arrives!

To quote a favorite dog-not-puppet friend of mine, the illustrious Jinjersnap-the-Christmas-puppy, "Oh my GOODNESS!!!!"

Here she is trying on J's new red shoes. Jinjersnap's favorite color is RED(being a Christmas puppy and all).

Anyway! Jinjer says it best to express my feelings when the BIG BOX of SECRET SANTA arrived this afternoon.
I couldn't believe the size of the box, first of all. I was almost afraid she had shipped a real live puppy or something! Lol. THEN we finally got it opened(yes, WE--kids were alongside helping the whole time).

 She had the SWEETEST little notes on EVERYTHING. I am keeping them all, and will keep them with the items they came on. That will be part of their story!
 The first layer contained four stuffed stockings labeled with each of my KIDS' blog names! This Santa really put in some time getting to know our family. I was stunned.
Then I continued pulling things out of the box. It was nearly bottomless.
 We unwrapped, and unwrapped, and unwrapped, and unwrapped some more--giggling and squealing and sniffing(teary eyes) the whole time.
Then there was a pile of gift wrap....because in addition to sweet notes on each item, she had wrapped each gift separately!
 I spread all of the goodies out on my big blue chair so maybe you could see. Of course the photo doesn't do it justice at all. She WAYYYYYY outdid herself. So much variety! I have highlighted a few things, but I just loved it all!
 These four beautiful little vintage pitchers made me so happy. And yes, Secret Santa, I love them JUST LIKE THEY ARE--I love old, gold, handpainted(or not!)and FLOWERS.....and the tallest little pitcher is so DETAILED. Wow. They're all perfect!
 She sent a pair of these adorable teabag holders. Pink roses! Squeals!
I love the beautiful pink box she had stashed things in, and the flip calendar will be a fun touch to add to my desktop!

 What gift is complete without chocolates? Yummy! And silly straws. For FUN.
 Aprons. Love them. These both made me smile--and I found a use for the red one right away!
It makes a perfect tree skirt for my Tea Tree in My Mom Room!

Up next, these just stole the show. She MADE tea towels and a pillow for my little camper! I'm so excited! They're just adorable, and the colors will work so well with what we're planning to do! 

The vintagey graphic fabric is wonderful. And there was a sweet bear, and notepad, and magnets....

 Here's a better view of my Tea Tree.
 I added all of the little tea goodies she sent me. They look like they belong!

 The flowers and the actual porcelain on this one are SO detailed. Beautiful!
 This little yellow and gold one is such a sweetie!
 The shape of this one is so pretty.

I am just overwhelmed. I was actually having a rough morning, and this sweet package changed the whole direction of my day--a HUGE reminder to be thankful for all the blessings in my life.

Thank you, Secret Santa Friend(whoever you are!). I am SO grateful. You really blessed me!

Merry Christmas!


Coloradolady said...

What a fun post...and your little one is just adorable!! For me, it is so fun seeing all the wonderful gifts each participant receives!!! Merry Christmas to your family, so glad you participated this year!!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

What a bounty of blessings! Those tea towels are just enchanting! I love all the festive touches.

May the beauty, peace and joy of the season be yours.