Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Birthday Built for Two...

J had her 14th birthday party today, a few days after the day itself, but that's how the first couple of weeks roll in January.

Since Jinjersnap "the Christmas puppy" ALSO has a birthday the first week of January, they decided to have a party TOGETHER.

Jinjersnap wanted a red and white polka dot  dolka-pot party.

The J-girl asked for "springtime with tulips and bunnies."

So we did both.

Springtime, bunnies, flowers, and lemon drops(the gravy boat later held silverware).

Red and white polka dots. And flowers.

We had a good visit and lots of fun. I think Jinjer enjoyed turning ONE.

She's "one posh puppy." You can't really SEE the red sparkles on her shoes in this picture, but they're THERE. :) That's her little doggy-friend "Sweet Dog" sitting with her. She's sporting her butterfly glasses and her red dolka-pot dress she received from C as a Christmas gift. 

Her cake was vanilla with vanilla frosting.

She had several doggy friends in attendance, too.
Mocha guarded the coffee station.

Jacky led the "Happy Birthday to me" song for Jinjersnap.

Jill was around to be sure everyone reached maximum capacity on fun and food.

Princess Joey, Marcus, and Pepperkrakor just came for the FOOD(and maybe presents, but I forgot to buy dog bones!)

We have quite a large number of dogs around here.

I was up till two last night trying NOT to burn up the kitchen. We will just say that when a recipe says something like "divide batter between THREE 8-inch pans," it MIGHT be wise to take that seriously, rather than dumping it all into TWO pans at midnight and hoping for the best.

You can't TELL the cake set the oven on fire. It certainly was pretty.

Tasted good too.

I think J had a fun day. 

I'm SURE J-Snap did.

How did you spend YOUR Saturday?


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Marissa said...

What a sweet birthday party! I love how you decorated those pretty cakes! such a sweet job! As for us on Saturday my husband insisted we go bird watching! that's what we did so enjoyable!!

Anonymous said...

wow those cakes look tasty happy birthday!

Jennie @ Got My Reservations said...

Such a cute party theme. I love how you incorporated the dogs into the party!