Monday, February 4, 2013

Kitchen Window Spruce-Up

I recently took an afternoon and deep-cleaned the kitchen window area. The dust had taken over completely, and there is NO dust like kitchen dust! The lemon oil solution I finally settled on worked wonders quickly, though, and it smelled WONDERFUL.

I love the light this window gets. It's so pretty throughout the day. 

MOST of my chicken and rooster collection is in this area. I try to keep collections  confined when possible...unlike the REAL chickens roaming all over the yard!
The polka dots on the red-topped mushrooms just make me happy. 

I also reorganized our coffee station. My 15 year old calls it "the shrine". Too much Roman history!

The new vignette on top of the shelves adds a bright perky burst of color to that drab wall, and ties in the kitchen colors with the red wall across the room.

The kitchen sink area is C's prime flower-growing spot in the house, which I enjoy until it gets out of hand. It can be difficult to keep all these pots straightened, cleaned under and around, and watered!

I just adore this tiny violet. The pot is 1.5" high! TEENY-tiny!
Broken ceramic chopsticks make fun plant pot decorations for the dormant calla lily.
Do you see her cactus blooms on the bottom shelf? Since this picture was taken, one of the violets has bloomed in purple and white ruffles. Maybe it appreciated the light from the CLEAN window! 

Thanks for visiting my kitchen sink!
 Come back sometime when there are dishes to wash! 


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Melanie said...

I love the shelves with the red and white decorations - so cute and cheery!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Love the touches of red and the shelves look gorgeous. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

Chenille Cottage said...

I'm happy to have discovered your blog via Brenda's Cozy Little House. I, too, am a red and white polka dot girl. Your window arrangement is a delight.
Thanks for sharing,