Monday, February 18, 2013

Valentine's Day

We had a fairly quiet Valentine's Day.
The Redhead wore pink AND red for the occasion.
 They waited quite patiently to open gifts.
 There was quite a bit of silliness thrown into the mix!
 This is his "patient" look.
 Joey the puppy had her first birthday and received a new pretty dress as a gift.

 Tiny little vignette above my stove.
 My camellia is really making beautiful blooms this year.
 The boy and his daddy spent part of the afternoon building fence.
 We're getting a new fence and a new "lovely" gate.
 The Redhead and I found this sweet tiny little chicken a couple of weeks ago while out antiquing. 
We had heart-shaped chicken alfredo for dinner.

It was a peaceful, lovely day with those I love most(or most of them!)


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