Monday, April 29, 2013

A thank you note to my children

It's not normal to start a thank you note with an apology, but I tend to want to. Usually upon my realizing the NEED of a thank you, I also realize I've waited entirely too long to become grateful for whatever the gift is...

That said, to C, J, Redhead and the Boy--
I am sorry for all the times the past four years that I have belittled your choice of a Mother's Day gift to me in 2009. I have ranted and joked and told other moms and other dads and children that kids(or husbands)should NEVER give a living creature to a mom for Mother's Day--after all, moms have our hands full. We don't NEED another mouth to feed or another being to clean up after...

or do we?

Four years ago on Mother's Day you sweet girls(especially C and maybe J helped?)pooled your money and suckered your mamaw into taking you to the pet store to buy ME a baby cockatiel for a gift. I was shocked that you did that, as it was a HUGE sum of money for a 12 year old to want to spend on her mom for anything. It showed a great deal of love and concern for me, as we had just lost Rosy the cockatiel a few months before. I know you were trying to make me happy. I appreciated the IDEA but not so much the BIRD, you know?

Little did we know how much that baby bird with the noisy squawk and fat tummy would affect us, right?
We made her food mix, outfitted her with bibs, fed her through a syringe, and THEN we caught her eating out of the food dish! Silly girl just wanted ATTENTION.
What a great mother's day gift.

You had no idea how much work she would be to care for till she got used to us. You just thought it would be fun to have another bird. You had no idea how stubborn she would be about EVERYTHING to do with being part of our "flock", or how she would amazingly do all a little bird COULD do to make herself likeable and more companionable--including trying to not mess up our clothes while she had good, long sits on her favorite shoulders.

You had no idea how much she would love us, but you loved me, and you gave me a precious gift. Yes, Doodle, but more, your love in action.

Let me thank you now, LATE, for the sweet gift of Noname(who ended up with more names than any other pet!). She was a PERFECT Mother's Day gift--what could be better than a gift of love that just loves and loves and keeps on loving till her very last breath? (I think when she died she was doing her best to wait by the cage door for us to get her out so she could snuggle and say she loved us--possibly for US, not for her?)

You were smarter than I was on that gift. Thank you for blessing me.

All that said, I am so thankful for the gift of YOU four--being your mom is a huge undeserved grace-gift straight from God's heart to me--and YOU keep on loving and loving and loving me. I am so blessed, blessed daily in ways I never could have imagined.

I love you all.



Marissa said...

Aww~ This made me cry... I love it!
What a beautiful post!!

Jess Dunlap said...

Gee mother! wow that is probably the sweetest post you have ever done! your welcome! i think i wanted a cockatiel at least as much as you did and mothers day just seemed like a good excuse. as for being your daughter...well i do always love you but that only because you have showed your love to your family.
i <3 you too...and ducky.

Laurie Ritchey said...

What a sweet post. It takes a big person to admit they were wrong, and you have done it beautifully. We had a cockatiel years ago. I "let" the children buy him, but I was the one who became attached to him. Enjoyed this post. laurie

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh a sweet tweet indeed!

Have a gorgeous day!