Monday, April 29, 2013

Jane Austen Ball in Pictures

I'm still too tired and drained to have much to say, but I wanted to show you the pictures as I promised of all the finished gowns we did for the ball last Friday night. The girls were so beautiful and enjoyed themselves so much. My hubby and son were SO handsome--I'm scheming ways to get them in tailcoats more often! :)
Enjoy the pictures. Please ask questions in the comments if you have them.

C and her little brother. I love that smile!

The whole girly crew. I made ALL those gowns!(that astounds me for myself, really! lol.)

Sisters. Up close view of bodices. Both of these girls had full sheer gowns over full petticoats. The Redhead's petticoat was pink(of course!).

In true JA fashion, there was a shortage of male partners. That did NOT stop the girls from dancing every dance, however!

This was a good view of the back of C's dress with her silver shoes peeking out.

Eeek! They're so pretty! Totally worth it!

My little Mr. Bingley. What a kid! He was SUCH a good sport!

When they arrived at the ball.

Sisters, sisters....

My handsome guys. Too bad the good camera's battery died before the evening ended. We snapped this on his cell phone; thus the poor resolution. I still think it's a framer!

One pretty shot of my J. She is a force in motion most of the time--her gown was lovely on her; perfect for her hair and complexion.

To answer any questions about why I am not in the pictures: my gown needed literally 45 more minutes to complete, and we had to GO!

It was still worth it.


Catie Dunlap said...

It was Soooo much fun. your sooo good to us, thanks mom

The Redhead~

Catie Dunlap said...

It was SOOOOOOO Much fun!
you did such a good job getting them all almost done.

were so blessed to have a mom like you:).

The Redhead~

Fiona said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! So nice to catch up with yours again and oh so lovely to see your amazing dresses and the Regency Ball. How much fun is that? Also to see your daughters Jane Austen party ... Brings back good memories of mine. A shame about your dress not being finished ...

Your girls seem so much like mine, we also have to celebrate birthdays of cuddly toys, and my 15yo especially enjoys vintage and old-fashioned (like me, I guess!). You are a very talented seamstress, and a wise mother, I think!

Lynn Dylan said...

April, this is what the gowns were for! Ooooo, how lovely! Absolutely lovely! I loved seeing pics of the whole family. But I wish you were there in the pics!! Wish I could have seen you in your gown as well. Did you ever get it completed? Your daughters are just lovely! And you made all those gowns. Unbelievable. Unbelievable! Awesome job. Just wait until your craft room is done!


Anonymous said...

Hello, I am a young man in Canada. Just want to let you know that this is the loveliest thing I have ever seen in a long time. How much I wish that women are still like this.