Sunday, April 28, 2013

Our sweet cockatiel Doodle-bird--also known as Noname, Ducky, Lardfeather, and a half dozen other names--died today. She had been sick for almost two weeks; we had taken her in and she had surgery and was doing better when we got home with her, but then she took a turn for the worse and just got sicker and sicker yesterday.

We will miss her terribly. She was the sweetest thing. She loved to snuggle and to have her head scratched, she made the sweet "eek" sound when we turned off the light at night. J had trained her to answer with her special "squeak" when she called her, and we will miss her calling us from the back porch when we pull into the garage. She was our own personal welcoming party.

She had even allowed herself to learn to "poo" on command so she could sit in her favorite spot--your shoulder. She picked up on that accomodation herself, learning that we WOULD allow her there and that she WOULD get fussed at if she messed up our clothes.

All she did was love us for four years. What a sweet baby. Both vets we took her to said they'd never seen a sweeter cockatiel. I know that's because my J spent so much time pouring love into her--they were the most special of friends.

She was, as my son said yesterday, "unreplaceable."

So while our hearts are hurting for the loss of a sweet friend, we will be thankful for the happy times we had with her. There were plenty.

Thank you, God, for Doodle, and how she taught us to persist in loving those around us.
Help us love more persistently too.

Doodle's last picture taken 4-25-13