Friday, April 26, 2013

Y'all, I could probably be certifiable this week. Really. We have been sewing like crazy girls for two weeks now, making MORE Regency gowns for the Jane Austen Ball TONIGHT.

When I went to bed at 3:30 this morning(it's so hard to sew before dark; I should take on these projects in the winter when the nights begin earlier!), I STILL HAVE NOT FINISHED the dresses! C's gown is complete...two out of eight!(If you count each petticoat and overdress as a complete gown.)

What's worse, I totally messed up the sleeves on the Redhead's white chiffon gown, and now am OUT of enough fabric to cut time to run into town today....still brain storming on that one.

Meanwhile, MY dress needs hemming, trimming, sleeves hemmed, and all the fastenings attached.

J's dress needs more fasteners and the sleeves hemmed.

The Redhead's needs sleeves AND buttons.

Another little last-minute number still has to be hemmed.

My son's tailcoat and my hubby's waistcoat are not finished.

ONE reticule has been made.

I need to make finger food to take, and am out of ideas!

My downstairs area looks like we were hit by a whirling thread and fabric scrap dervish...something along the lines of the Tasmanian devil of Looney Tunes fame!

On top of that, we had Doodle the cockatiel at the vet twice in a week; she had surgery and is home recuperating VERY happily, but that was a lot of stress and time spent elsewhere.

Oh, and I decided to do a blog post.

Did I mention I've not been in bed before 2:00 a.m. in about a week?

The cat, at least, has been enjoying our chaos!

Anyway, when it's all done I will hopefully have very tired girls and very many pictures of giggles and smiles.
Detail of C's gown bodice. This sheer cotton was tough, but so FUN to sew!

Can't wait to share it with you!


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Gabrielle said...

Gorgeous!! Can't wait to see pictures of all of your finished work!